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SAP Experience Center Copenhagen
Most companies and organizations are thinking hard about how to manage their digital transformation. SAP is doing something about it. We believe that digitalization requires completely new tools, innovation, and adaptability. And we want to provide you with a fundamentally new perspective on the digital potential of your enterprises.
The SAP Experience Center is the first of its kind in the Nordics. We aim to inspire companies, decision makers, and organizations. Find out more about the tools, methods, and prototypes that can help you realize your digital transformation. SAP technology and solutions make digital innovation a reality, and help you achieve tangible business results.
What We Do
Make Digital Real

A Digital Playground for Digital Minds

A new perspective on digital transformation. Methods, tools and prototypes to #MakeDigitalReal. Nordic CTO at SAP Jesper Schleimann sums up what #SAPExperienceCenterCPH offers to visitors. Nordic companies need to aim for the digital stars. Let the technology, tools and methods in the SAP Experience Center be your telescope.

Timo Elliot: Nordic companies need to make bigger and bolder changes.

The ambitions for the SAP Experience Center Copenhagen have always been substantial. SAP Innovation Evangelist @TimoElliott took them to a new level at the launch of SAPExperienceCenterCPH. Danish and Nordic companies need to aim for the digital stars. Let the technology, tools and methods in the SAP Experience Center be your telescope.

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Center Highlights
Run Simple Area
Be inspired by our showcases: The Run Simple area shows you how to benefit from collecting and analyzing data in real time. For example, see how data and information can be stored in a collaboration network to maintain, optimize, and improve assets and products.
Design Thinking Room


This room provides an inspirational space for post-it free brain storming. Use the touch projectors or the touch-enabled video wall to “spray your creative mind” in electronic form.
Maker Space and presentation area


Witness how innovation comes to life. Roll up your sleeves and start building your project. Use the tools you master to illustrate your vision – whether they are LEGO®, paper, animation films, or even application mock-up tools. Present your innovations at the presenting area.
Infinity Room
The Infinity room offers a 360° view of a business value chain. See how SAP solutions can accommodate data-infused innovations into the infinite cycle of idea, execution, insight, and planning that constitute the universal business lifecycle.
Café and Rooftop Terrace


Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of our Café and network with your peers and the SAP Experience Center team. Experience the view of the northern part of the Copenhagen harbor and see first-hand how the new "2150 Nordhavn" neighborhood is coming to life.
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