Tiit Parts, Country Manager, SAP Estonia
Tiit Parts, SAP Estonia juht


Tiit Parts is the Estonia Country Manager of the world's largest business software company SAP under whose guidance the company has gained recognition and  Estonia customers' trust becoming one of the flagships of innovation.

Thanks to his 23 years of experience in IT sector which he gained working in various international companies, Tiit has developed expertise in innovation and digitalisation  that he enjoys sharing in conferences at a national and global level inspiring and motivating entrepreneurs and other business leaders. He believes that the rapid development of digital technologies over the last decades has created significant changes and challenges and if we learn to understand and adjust to them, we will be able to reach new goals and new heights in life and in business.

Gitte Winther Bruhn, Presales Manager, Customer Innovation, SAP Nordic & Baltic States
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The Intelligent Enterprise

In the midst of the third wave of digitalization we see a fourth wave  - The Intelligent Enterprise. This will usher in new ways of working, Next practices and business Models. Learn how you lay the foundation for transforming your organization to an Intelligent enterprise and realize the benefits of the fourth wave of digitalization.

Prof. Agnis Stibe, Transforming Wellbeing Theory (TWT),

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Transforming Businesses Intelligently: Secrets of Human Behavior and Attitude Change

Strategically, we all constantly want to improve our businesses and their performances in so many ways. But do we really know the key drivers behind successful business transformations? Are we aware of the role of human behavior and attitude in determining our chances to achieve permanent changes for good? This thought-provoking talk will expand beliefs about ways how emerging digital innovations can transform businesses and societies already today. This talk blends science and practice to help gaining a richer understanding on how transformation works, what are its essential components, how to design and apply influential strategies, what novel technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and advanced sensing) are effectively facilitating change process, and what to do first thing each morning. This knowledge is applicable in multiple domains, including business, governance, health, sustainability, education, safety, security, equality, economy, and more.

Lars Flemingaard, Senior Solution Advisor CFO Office, SAP

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How SAP supports the CFO and Finance community with intelligence regarding


FP&A – Financial planning and Analysis
• Predictive forecasting, modelling and simulation of scenarios
• Driver based planning
• Capture financial and operational goals
• Intelligent insight with Machine Learning

Financial close, consolidation and disclosure
• Continuous Accounting
• Predictive accounting

Richard P. Nagel, SAP Cloud Evangelist (sr Director/Presales)

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From Clever to Intelligent

In history sometimes remarkable inventions lead to complete new business models. We are in remarkable times too. As every business must embrace the capabilities and potentials of the Digital Era the question I get often is “How?”, “When?” or “What?”. SAP offers a great portfolio of solutions and services to fully support the Digital Journey of your company – and guidance how to reach your desired business outcomes – a journey to become an Intelligent Enterprise. An important component of the Intelligent Enterprise is the Digital Core – and choosing the best Cloud ERP there is a matter of the question how clever or intelligent you want this to be. Richard briefs on the latest of SAP Business ByDesign and SAP S/4HANA Cloud, dares to compare these and will demonstrate some cool capabilities.

Kaur Tiitus, BI Team Leader, DWH architect, Industry62

Mihkel Reimand, Product Manager, Proekspert

Tomas Estlander, Senior Solution Advisor, SAP

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SAP Customer Experience – Connect with Purpose.

Consumers today are not only interested in products and services that help them solve their everyday practical challenges, they are also looking for companies that stand for something and have purpose at their core. As a result, a brand’s purpose has become a key competitive differentiator. SAP Customer Experience has the solutions to offer this purpose.

Florian Hamon, Business Developer, Center of Excellence for Analytics, SAP

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Augmented Analytics with SAP Analytics Cloud, The Future of Decision Making

We are shifting from the era of digital transformation, where we began digitizing manual tasks to drive better data collection and automate repetitive tasks, into the Intelligence Era, where we are able to accelerate growth and revenue generation by making our organizations more intelligent.

Eero Koskinen, Enterprise Architect, SAP

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Introduction to SAP Data Management Suite

• enables management of data and analytics across hybrid cloud environments
• creates openness, transparency and trust into the data of the organization
• reduces the complexity of data access

Thomas Schörner, Creative Technologist, SAP

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Trends and technologies for an intelligent enterprise

A frog can't feel subtle increases of temperature until it is too late. Let's take a look into the dramatic advancements of technology around us, before it is too late to react.

Tiit Parts, Country Manager, SAP Estonia
Tiit Parts, SAP Estonia juht