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Presentations: The Ultimate Innovation Experience Event - SAP Effect Sydney 2019
Main Stage Presentations


Hear from renowned speakers from industry thought leaders, SAP global partners and spotlight customers from the region.

Disrupting an Industry – Banking Made Good

Eric Wilson, CEO & Founder at Xinja


How do we revolutionise the banking experience to make it quick, easy and fun? That’s the goal Xinja set for itself when it announced as a neobank - an independent digital bank designed entirely for mobile.   


Hear from Eric Wilson, Founder & CEO of Xinja, on its journey to be one of Australia’s first independent neobanks, why experience underpins all that it does and how it uses the latest in technology and experience design to create a unique proposition, disrupting the banking sector in Australia.


Download the presentation (PDF)

Re-thinking Energy

Kevin Angland, GM Digital Services, Mercury

Julia Jack, Chief Marketing Officer, Mercury


Mercury is on a mission in New Zealand. Being an energy provider who is 100 per cent sustainable, Mercury is connecting with its customers via a simple, but powerful purpose: Energy Made Wonderful.


Join Julia Jack, CMO, and Kevin Angland, GM Digital Services, to hear how a 1957 Ford Fairlane named Evie helped connect people with the topic of energy; and what it means for a company to be completely aligned behind a customer-centric vision, and the great things that it empowers their teams to deliver.


Download the presentation (PDF)

Make Taxation Intelligent with Innovation

Simon McKee, Deputy Commissioner, Office of State Revenue - Queensland Treasury


How does machine learning help personalise the tax collection experience for the state and for Queenslanders?


The Office of State Revenue in Queensland needed a way to predict which taxpayers were likely to incur debt so that it could deliver simple, efficient and equitable revenue management services to Queenslanders and maintain and improve essential community services and infrastructure.


Deputy-Commissioner, Simon McKee, will outline the approach it took to uncover patterns and gain insights for better decision-making and deliver improved experience, services and outcomes for taxpayers, staff, and the Queensland community.


Download the presentation (PDF)

Knowing and Serving your Customer to a ‘Segment of One’ with AI

Geraldine McBride, CEO & Director, MyWave


How can businesses continue to truly offer exceptional customer service and targeted consumer value? 


Fascinated by the need for species to evolve in order to survive, the founder and CEO of MyWave, Geraldine McBride, put down her lab coat to apply her knowledge in the business world. She’s since held senior executive roles in IBM, Dell and SAP becoming an expert in enterprise systems, enterprise processes and AI. 


Join us as she explores how redefining customer experience models can transform your business.


Download the presentation (PDF)

Technology in the Wild - The Future of Conservation

Cameron Kerr, CEO at Taronga Zoo


Taronga Conservation Society has a vision to secure a shared future for wildlife and people. Cameron Kerr, CEO, has placed a strong focus on understanding its visitors and the wider community; aligning its brand and experience in a way that is engaging to modern society, to further its conservation agenda. 


Cameron will showcase Taronga’s journey of transformation from understanding public expectation, to catering for how society would change in the future, and ensuring delivery of an engaging experience to turn visitors into conservation champions. 


Download the presentation (PDF)

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Presentations from the Theatres


Explore the side show theatres and hear from our Innovators on their own personal experiences in today’s world of emerging technology. Take away tangible tips and next steps on how to drive the right culture, growth and change initiatives.

The 101 of Bots - Keeping Humans in the loop

Dr Nicholas Nicoloudis,  Business Innovation Strategist, SAP Australia and New Zealand


As the increase of automation is encroaching our digital lives, people fear that bots will take their jobs and leave them unemployed.  This view is misunderstood since bots and AI lack human understanding and interaction.  Bots are being developed not to replace humans, but to automate repetitive human behaviour such as invoice processing, updating spreadsheets and retrieving/updating disparate system information.  Humans will play an important role in teaching and orchestrating bots, a term coined Human in the loop.  By introducing bots into the workforce, humans can focus on high value tasks such as interacting with customers and developing innovation ideas.


Download the presentation (PDF)

Unpacking the Experience Economy

Aarron Spinley, Experience Anthropologist, SAP Asia Pacific & Japan


There is so much buzz about the experience economy. But what is it and how did it arrive? And can it be harnessed as part of your commercial growth strategy? Join this session to learn about the macro-societal factors driving whole markets – and what you can do about it.


Download the presentation (PDF)

Moments that matter. Turning engagement into advocacy. 

Marc Havercroft, Chief Customer Officer, SAP SuccessFactors


How do you turn employees into ambassadors , and customers into fanatics?

We all know that managing and improving workforce experiences is not about pinpointing a single event or moment. Organisations need to continuously listen to the beliefs, emotions, and intentions of employees at every moment that matters across the entire employee journey.  Employee experience is critical to business success. Organizations that deliver exceptional employee experiences achieve better business results and outperform the competition – they realize 17% higher productivity, 3x revenue per employee, and 40% lower turnover (Gallup 2016 Study, 2018 Study).


Download the presentation (PDF)

Innovation is not Technology, it's People. How to inspire innovation amongst your teams. 

Thomas Boulton, Innovation Principle, SAP  Australia and New Zealand


A common misintepretation: Innovation is based on Technology. In fact, innovation surrounds us everyday and has been since the stone age. Innovation spawns from an idea-rich environment which enables the interconnection of thoughts & ideas. These ideas come from people. Join this session to learn how to inspire and drive such a culture amongst your team.


Download the presentation (PDF)

The 101 of Data & Insight - My personal Marathon journey

Brian Orloff, Business Innovation Strategist, SAP Australia and New Zealand


Data shapes everything we do and touch. People are becoming more consumable to stats for both personal and business use, so it is more important than ever to understand and explore how to take this journey to the next level. Join this session to understand what lessons where learnt through Brian’s personal data journey with the Melbourne Marathon in 2018, and how the insight generated improved engagement and outcomes. 


Download the presentation (PDF)

The ride of innovation from connecting people, devices and things

Des Fisher, Innovation Principal, SAP Australia and New Zealand


Everyday without realising, we are being introduced to more and more to assets connected by IoT. But what exactly does that mean for us  as people? And how can you take this concept of 'Connected Things' and start to apply in your own life? Join this session to hear how Des, Innovation Principal by day, Motorcyclist by night, is taking on IoT. 


Download the presentation (PDF)

Change is imminent. Bringing your people on the journey. 

Gina McNamara, Chief Financial Officer, SAP Australia and New Zealand


Change is not just about Technology, it's about bringing people on the journey to drive better outcomes. SAP themselves have been through a big transformation in recent years. Hear from Gina on how she has supported her teams, and function, through this change and what advice she has for leaders in today's digitally evolving environment. 


Download the presentation (PDF)

From Design to Operate – the power of the Digital Twin

Graham Conlon, VP Supply Chain, SAP Australia and New Zealand


A great customer experience is based on a great product experience, and delivering that great product experience requires an end to end digital supply chain.  From planning, product design, manufacturing, and delivery through to maintenance and operations (Design to Operate), best-in-class organisations are using digital representations (digital twins) to better understand their business, improve business decision making, and simulate and predict the future. 


Download the presentation (PDF)

XM: The Race to the Top

Steve Bennetts, Head of Growth and Strategy, Asia Pacific & Japan, Qualtrics


How XM is powering businesses across the world, and why brands that choose to compete on experience are finding themselves in a race to the top.


Download the presentation (PDF)

Purpose-Driven, translating this into practice. 

Simon Grace, Industry Principal, SAP Australia and New Zealand


Organisations are today, more than ever trying to achieve purpose. Hear from Simon on how throughout his career, he has remained close & delivered on purpose. Simon will share insights from his Aged Care innovation idea - from inception through to fruition, supported by SAPs 1 Billion Live initiative. 


Download the presentation (PDF)

The 101 on Emotional AI: Emotionally aware machines - creepy or cool?

Ryan van Leent, Data Driven Expert, SAP Australia and New Zealand


What is Emotional AI and in what scenarios – whether we know it or not, is this emerging technology being deployed? Our 101 considers the delineation between what we as society think of as cool technology and when that same technology starts to become creepy. Join this session to find out what Emotional AI could mean for you in both a business and personal context, and what opportunities this emerging technology can provide. 


Download the presentation (PDF)

The 101 of putting your organisation into the Cloud.

Phillip Miltiades, COO Digital Core, SAP APJ


Cloud is much more than just an application.


Flexibility. A new way of working. Real-Time. Future Prediction. Improved Security. These are all outcomes of Cloud as a platform to host your organisation. Join this session to learn more about what Cloud means for you as a professional, and the organisation you lead. 


Download the presentation (PDF)

Making sense of the customer journey

Kathleen O'Brien, Global Industry Principal, SAP Customer Experience


As people, we take many journeys through life that depend on different types of services. We are born, we get vaccinations, we go to school, we get a passport, we pay taxes, we buy property and start businesses. As an organisation delivering these services, how can you humanise digital processes to create customer/citizen journeys that work for the people, creating experiences that pleasantly surprise and create satisfaction?


Download the presentation (coming soon)

The Plastic Challenge - Leveraging your ecosystem to tackle challenges in society.

Mark Anderson, Applied Business Innovation, SAP Australia and New Zealand


Holistic collaboration across numerous supply chains & industries will be the way, we as leading organisations, drive better outcomes for society. Join this session to hear how we are collaborating with Academia, Partners and Private organisations to tackle the challenge of plastic waste.


Download the presentation (PDF)

Turning Innovation instinct into practice

Des Fisher, Innovation Principal, SAP Australia and New Zealand


Good ideas are what keep us energised, but converting an idea into reality is never an easy task. Explore with Des how some of the most successful ideas have been brought to life, and take away some simple learnings to help you in taking the next step.


Download the presentation (PDF)

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