SAP Inspire

Date: 12 September 2017
Venue: The Nile Ritz-Carlton, Cairo, Egypt

About the event

The future belongs to those who are inspired. And at SAP we want to not only inspire you but be your inspiration in the next step of your journey – how do you scale up?
With a focus on the Egyptian market, this event has been tailor-made to bring together decision-makers from across diverse industries and sectors to examine how to drive forward digital strategies, in dynamic economic conditions. The half-day event will include insights by industry trailblazers, your peer group and from within SAP.
This is your opportunity to connect, engage, network and be inspired. Let’s achieve the next step, together. 
Smart Government Strategies To Drive Measurable Success

Read this article written by Dr. Hichem Maya to learn more about the strategies the Smart Government is implementing to drive success.

Dr. Hichem Maya leads the industry digital transformation and value engineering team in the Middle East and North Africa at SAP.
Predict And Prevent To Protect And Prosper

Read this article written by Justin Bean to learn more about how we need to shift from a strategy of reacting to one of preventing while technology shapes our future. 

Justin Bean is the Director of Smart City Solutions Marketing at Hitachi Insight Group, which brings IoT solutions to market with the mission of social innovation.
‘Everyone Always Wants New Things’: What Michael Scott Can Teach You About Technology

Read this article written by Warren Miller to understand how adopting the latest technology can help your business run better.

Warren Miller is an award-winning writer/editor with more than 10 years of professional experience.
Smart city solutions the key aspect of SAP's strategy in MENA

Read this article about SAP's smart city solution strategy in MENA since it became Expo 2020 Dubai's first international Premier Partner this year, to support the delivery of personalized experiences to the millions of expected visitors from around the world. 
Introducing the SAP Digital Enterprise Platform

Read this article written by Steve Lucas on the digital economy and its outcomes.
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