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Empowering employees is key for every business transformation

The success of a business transformation depends largely on employees: Motivated colleagues who know exactly how to use the software are essential. By putting people at the center of your transformation, you'll get successful projects, higher ROI - and, of course, more satisfied customers. 


Involve employees across the organization and learn how to ensure they adapt quickly and smoothly to new processes to achieve innovation goals like never before: Inspire innovation in people around you.

Are you ready for transformation?


Transformation succeeds when all employees are involved and trained in the best possible way. Take the test and assess your change readiness. You will then receive a personalized recommendation.

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Boost your customer's cloud adoption journey with SAP Preferred Success
10 October - 2:00 PM CET


As an SAP partner, gain insights into our SAP Preferred Success service and how these services can help your customers overcome common challenges in adopting and using SAP Cloud solutions.

The holistic business transformation
The Cloud Mindset


The shift to a cloud-based, digital SAP platform is not simply about innovative functionality. Rather, it triggers a complete change in how companies operate their IT landscape and think of their daily work. What exactly is this 'cloud mindset' and how does it affect learning and change management?

Thinking Digitally


In this whitepaper, you will learn why digital transformation is not just about technology. Above all, it is about people. Discover how a change in mindset can lead you to sustainable digital transformation and more reasons why such a shift towards a digital mindset is necessary.

The people side of an SAP Customer Center of Expertise


Cloud technology requires a shift in mindset, new skills and continuous learning with regular innovation cycles. This means that the way a COE works must change to remain effective and relevant to the business. 


Change Management in SAP Projects


Unfamiliar systems, new processes and a different way of working: An SAP implementation may unsettle users. That's why change management is crucial to the success of any IT project. Involving employees from the start makes them allies and drivers of change.

RISE with SAP empowers employees


RISE with SAP is much more than an IT offering. It is a new approach to transforming an entire organization into an intelligent enterprise - and that involves all stakeholders. That's why it's important that project teams and end users are involved and trained effectively.

Empowering Employees
How to make a training needs analysis


What SAP knowledge does your team need? Learn more about the reason for a training needs analysis, the target groups and their knowledge requirements, and how to make the analysis.

Onboarding: Discover SAP Learning Hub


The regional live and On-Demand sessions in different languages help you to get started using SAP Learning Hub: Learning Journeys and Rooms, Navigation, Tips and Tricks. 

How to Optimize your SAP Training planning


With the results of the training needs analysis, it is time to start planning the training: What training offers and benefit packages are available? Get an overview here.

Digital Learning with SAP Learning Hub


What options does the SAP Learning Hub deliver? Which edition is the right one for me and how can I make the most of the platform? These and other questions are addressed in the linked blog post.


Introducing SAP Enable Now


Experience SAP Enable Now through the story of Amanda. Watch Amanda tackle her daily tasks with the support of SAP Enable Now and understand the value it has for enabling people on SAP and non-SAP applications.

SAP Learning Journeys for RISE with SAP


In this 30-minute webinar, we will inform you about the available SAP Learning journeys to  become competent, get certified and remain current on RISE with SAP.


Ensure successful cloud transformations with SAP Preferred Success

Succeeding in the Cloud: Cost Savings And Business Benefits of an Adoption Plan


SAP and guest speakers from Forrester talk about the latest trends surrounding the adoption of Cloud solutions: Learn how SAP unlocked customers’ growth potential with SAP Preferred Success and hear insights directly from an analyst and a consultant from Forrester. This webcast will feature exclusive information on the latest industry trends and Forrester Consulting's TEI study. 

SAP Preferred Success for SAP S/4HANA Cloud: Driving Continuous Value


SAP S/4HANA Cloud is transforming the way businesses run their core processes. But simply implementing a cloud ERP is not the whole secret to success. As your technology transforms, so should your business and it is constantly evolving. Learn more about SAP Preferred Success, the success plan subscription to accelerate your success in the cloud.

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