Location Intelligence Powered by SAP, Esri, and AWS

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Get Ready for the QuickStart Experience
Get on the list for insider access to the SAP & Esri QuickStart Experience powered by AWS. Explore Esri ArcGIS Enterprise running with SAP Cloud Platform, HANA service, SAP’s database-as-a-service in-memory database platform. Learn the power of data visualization and location intelligence with SAP Analytics Cloud.
Three Reasons to Preregister for the QuickStart Experience:
1. Guided Experience
Tired of creating result tables? Spend hours creating and managing narrow queries? Interested in high-performance data analytics powered by location? The QuickStart Experience comes with everything you need to get started including a free 30-day trial, video tutorials, sample data and maps.
2. Empower Your Business Decisions
Bring your business data to life using meaningful maps, dashboards, and apps that enable your employees to make informed decisions more quickly.
3. Interact with Experts
Join weekly webinars where SAP and Esri experts answer your questions. Stay informed with helpful content on upcoming innovations and member-only events.