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We are living in times where business is becoming increasingly competitive and customers more demanding. At the same time, such daily challenges inspire progress. They are a driving force of development and the flywheel of rationalization, innovation, and ultimately breakthrough inventions. Only the very first innovator in their field of expertise starts from scratch. For their followers the starting point is one step forward.

This time it’s your chance to build on the experience of the pioneers. Don't miss learning from their journey. Use their to become wiser thanks to their experience and shorten your path to the top.

Let us invite you to our video library containing Supply Chain success stories from Central and Eastern Europe. Listen to our customers using SAP solutions and sharing their experiences together with detailed presentations from SAP experts and partners, guiding you through supply chain management processes.

Our video library
How does Polsat Plus Group manage its new logistics center with SAP EWM?
Available NOW!
How does Polsat Plus Group (PL) manage its new logistics center with SAP EWM!
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Polsat Plus is one of Poland’s leading media and telecommunication companies with a portfolio of over 20 million users. Originally focused on digital television, it began offering a broader array of services over time, from TV through telecommunication services. It has been continuing its dynamic development and expanding its activities to include new industries and sectors.

What is therefore the common denominator uniting Polsat Plus Group and logistics? Having targeted independence and flexibility, Polsat Plus operates warehouses and distributes the vast array of its products from a bespoke logistics center.

Let’s find out how many challenges this involved – from the construction stage to selecting and implementing an IT solution designed to manage a distribution center, warranting high efficiency and warehousing process optimization. Let’s explore, in a nutshell, the history of a company capable of modern warehouse management thanks to the SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) system. Let’s learn more about efficient solutions to the issue of implementing IT tools compatible with existing financial and accounting systems while realizing that efficient and effective distribution is never possible without a proper system to control automation, processes and data.

Efficient and automated pharmalogistics based on SAP EWM at Hungaropharma
Available NOW!
Efficient and automated pharmalogistics based on SAP EWM at Hungaropharma
Available NOW!

Nowadays, it is natural that a medicine ordered in the morning can be picked up at the pharmacy after lunch. But how is this possible?

If you are interested, visit one of Hungary's largest pharmaceutical wholesale retailers, Hungaropharma Zrt. with us, who sells nearly 135 million boxes of medicines annually and delivers them to approximately 2,500 pharmacies and 100 hospitals across the country within hours, supported by the capabilities of SAP Extended Warehouse Management.

In our short film, we visit Hungary's largest and most modern pharmaceutical wholesale warehouse, Hungaropharma's logistics center in Budapest, where we can see the complex logistics process of fulfilling daily 9,500 drug orders, including manual and fully automatic order picking of 540,000 items per day on average.

Using state-of-the-art warehousing and IT technology, orders are fulfilled within 30-40 minutes from receipt of the order through picking to packaging, while the picking accuracy is over 99.9%.

During the warehouse tour and the expert talk, you can gain insight into what processes, hardware and software solutions make it all possible. From our short film, both business decision-makers, IT and logistics professionals will get answers to any questions that may arise when implementing a warehouse management system.

The interview also reveals the best practices and experiences that are essential to a successful project and go-live, including all the challenges that have been overcome with the help of SAP EWM.

Journey to warehouse automation with SAP EWM @ Koší
Available NOW!
Journey to warehouse automation with SAP EWM @ Koší
Available NOW!

It will come as no surprise to anyone that supermarkets have been going digital. Taking advantage of the new shopping option, clients are saving time and money while gaining better control of their shopping cart. The long delivery time for pre-ordered products may be the only factor preventing them from purchasing essential goods online.

That, however, will not be the case for clients shopping on the Czech Košik website. The company provides a same-day shopping delivery service. Košik is one of the largest online shops offering food and drugstore products and household appliances. They have thousands of clients across the Czech Republic, which would be impossible to achieve without smart technologies.

David Pěknic (Košik) and Petr Zavoral (Sabris) discuss assumptions for digital transformation, reasons behind the decision to go digital, and practical experience during and after the implementation project. They also comment on the warehouse automation process based on SAP EWM implemented by Košik as part of its international expansion effort. It is thanks to EWM that clients receive deliveries on time. For more details, watch the video.

Dormer Pramet's (CZ) roadmap to the factory of the future
Available NOW!
Dormer Pramet's roadmap to the factory of the future
Available NOW!

Two prosperous companies merging to form a more powerful entity and operating on a greater scale are not such a rarity. Such was the story of Dormer and Pramet which have been operating under a single name (Dormer Pramet) since their merger.

The company is a manufacturer and supplier of cutting tools. The overriding assumption of their operations is that clients are a top priority. This is shown by giving clients access to a vast array of high-quality products in the shortest possible time. The company has adopted a goal of delivering 95% of orders overnight, which requires a reliable planning process given the catalogue of over 40,000 products.

This would not be possible without an efficient ERP system. Let’s take a closer look at how the company has been achieving its goals since 1996. They have been using SAP solutions while managing the entire manufacturing process under a single system. This has been coupled with continuous efforts to improve the production module in order to maintain high manufacturing quality and reliability of deliveries and improve overall corporate productivity.

Let’s visit the company’s research facility and production plant in Sumperk (Czechia) to find out about its roadmap to a factory of the future according to Industry 4.0 trends and based on SAP product capabilities. This becomes even more interesting once we learn that Dormer Pramet has begun implementing the MES quality management system across all manufacturing plants and sales branches in order to gather all business and manufacturing processes under the umbrella of a single integrated and optimised system.

Explore SAP Digital Supply Chain Management solutions!

Recently, many organizations have become painfully aware of the negative impact of sudden changes in the business and digital supply chain environment. It was impossible to anticipate these disruptions, but we could have been prepared better!

Those who had started their journey towards digital transformation earlier were able to quickly analyze and scale the business to new, completely unexpected needs. And those who already had had supply chain management tools in place were able to use the opportunities that emerged when their competitors found themselves in distress after the status quo collapsed.

Knowledge gives you an edge!
Knowledge gives you an edge

Niels Bohr – a brilliant Danish physicist and Nobel Prize winner – jokingly claimed that an expert is the one who has made all possible mistakes in a very narrow field. Follow our recommendation: use the experience of others and become an expert without making mistakes.

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