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Base Camp


RISE with SAP - the advantages

for your intelligent company


What does a comprehensive approach look like to make your business more profitable, sustainable and resilient? Trust in a strong network of SAP experts: inside and partners who will answer your questions with tailor-made solutions. Together we will find answers to the challenges of fast moving times - step by step.


The advantages
for your intelligent company


Welcome to the Base Camp. Our joint journey starts here!


It’s time to prepare a detailed high-quality plan of the journey, define the destination for your transformation path, and determine your goals. We will support you in discovering the right way and provide you with the right equipment, so you can get to the point smoothly. Let's jointly discover potential challenges and learn from each other’s' experiences.

A robust network of SAP experts will answer your questions, offering tailor-made solutions. Together we will cope with the challenges of fast-moving times – step by step.

Your Journey to the Intelligent and Sustainable Business
Base Camp 1
Your Journey to the Intelligent and Sustainable Business

How to get prepared, define and overcome the digital transformation journey to successfully reach the goal? What do business and mountain climbing have in common? Why has sustainability become so important for companies around the world, irrespective of the industry they operate in? What role do melting glaciers play in this regard? What legal regulations are there in place in the European Union dealing with sustainability? How SAP helps to deliver environmental, social, and economic impact?

Special Guest:
Piotr Pustelnik – One of the most outstanding alpinists and Himalayan climbers. President of the Polish Mountaineering Association

Your Journey to the Intelligent and Sustainable Business
Base Camp 2
Trends & insights for business transformation in the CEE market

What are the business transformation trends for markets in Central & Eastern Europe? Why is it worth moving to the cloud and streamlining multiple business processes simultaneously? What are the main concerns of companies today? What are key triggers and what are main concerns with respect to the cloud? And finally, how do you turn the vision of an intelligent enterprise into reality?

Heading to the clouds. From discovery to implementation.
Base Camp 3
Heading to the clouds. From discovery to implementation.

Join our session to get prepared for the digital journey! Our experts will support you in the first steps of any IT projects, starting with defining the goals and processes to be covered.

  • Let us introduce the Digital Discovery Assessment; a unique free-of-charge tool for our customers and partners. The tool is helping you to harmonize business processes, reduce manual steps and optimize your operations. 

  • Hear about Activate, a unique world class implementation methodology for fast and effective cloud deployments.

If you are considering to improve your business processes as an owner, functional leader or if your are the one who will drive the project preparation and realization on customer side, these knowledge can make your life easier.

Base Camp 1: Transitioning your Business – RISE with SAP | Base Camp 2: Accelerate Transformation with business process intelligence (BPI)
Base Camp 1
Transitioning your Business – RISE with SAP.

Market leaders are now being forced to turn business into an intelligent enterprise. It requires more than just businesses' processes to be changed. Most of all it is about mindset change.  Digital transformation is a complex process that requires support from business and technology partners to keep your business safe in every possible way. RISE with SAP, a Business Transformation as a Service offering, addresses the need for rapid change. It defines the transformation path regardless of where your company is, tailored to its specific needs.

Base Camp 2
Accelerate Transformation with business process intelligence (BPI).

Does your organization continuously understand, innovate and transform processes? Do you have a clear picture of how processes work end to end? SAP including the recent acquisition of Signavio can help you here. Business process intelligence (BPI) is available by today and also included in the RISE with SAP offering. BPI delivers process transparency, guides you through first steps to transform your operations and provides insights into your end-to-end performance. Learn how BPI help you understand, Innovate and Transform Business Processes Quickly and at Scale.

Base camp can be considered closed. After attending the sessions, you are well prepared for the next step in your journey. Feel invited for the expert walks. This will be the perfect warm up before climbing to the top. Go to the next level!

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