Campfire Conversations

Campfire Conversations


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Now is the time for a virtual campfire. Take advantage of these cozy circumstances and exchange experiences, ideas, approaches, and best practices with your industry peers, SAP partners and business experts. The clue is to learn from others, plan further steps, and set individual priorities to take further actions.

Campfire Conversations - Veolia
Campfire Conversation 1
Veolia's journey into the age of digital transformation.

The environment in which today's businesses operate requires them to be flexible. Particular challenges are faced by companies such as Veolia: the extensive structure of local companies operating across the country. They need a reliable resource management system that will truly support decision making. To address these challenges and the need for harmonization and standardization, Veolia decided to deploy cloud-based, SAP solutions. In his presentation, Luiz Hanania will tell you how this implementation fits into the digital transformation of the business and what the company expects to deliver in the long run. 

Campfire Conversations - Genix Pharma
Campfire Conversation 2
How Genix Pharma modernizes their business & gets ready for growth.

Genix Pharma is the fastest-growing pharmaceutical company in Pakistan, producing and exporting a wide range of prescription and over-the-counter medications in Asia, Europe, and Africa.In this session Mr. Sohail Sawani Deputy Director Supply Chain and Information Technology will talk about Genix path to digital transformation and why they chose RISE with SAP, to modernize their business and prepare for growth. Gain insights on how Genix enables data-driven decision-making with greater visibility into its manufacturing processes giving their employees access to real-time data at any point in time.

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