RISE with SAP - Your journey to the cloud starts here.

Your Journey to the Cloud Starts Here 


RISE with SAP is a path for your company to follow in order to undergo digital transformation. Just as a climber who prepares to climb a mountain and must define goals, determine the route, choose proper tools, and train to eventually reach the top, you are invited to take the journey to the digital transformation of your enterprise. 


In a series of virtual meetings, our experts will show you how to get yourself prepared for the journey, we will equip you with relevant tools and present best-in-class solutions so that you may succeed in the digital transformation of your business. 


RISE with SAP involves five steps:

  1. Base Camp: where you determine your goals
  2. Expert Walks: here you will choose the right approach and gain knowledge regarding your business.
  3. Campfire Conversations: to exchange experiences, ideas, approaches, and best practices. 
  4. Altitude Training: the aim is to choose the best tools for your company.
  5. Summit Meeting: at this point, we implement your individual goals for the future.


Don't miss the 2021 expedition – all sessions are still available, watch them on demand.


Join us on this journey!

Base Camp

Welcome to the Base Camp. Our joint journey starts here. It’s time to prepare a detailed high-quality plan of the journey, define the destination for your transformation path, and determine your goals. We will support you in discovering the right way and provide you with the right equipment, so you can get to the point smoothly. Let's jointly discover potential challenges and learn from each other’s experiences.


Expert Walks


To choose the best path, you need to know how digital transformation paths differ among specific businesses and what kind of approaches are required. In the expert walks series, we will tell you how IT solutions built for specific lines of business and industries can make a positive impact on the efficiency of your business. All of this will happen at your own pace, with flexible cloud solutions.

Campfire Conversations


Now is the time for a virtual campfire. Take advantage of these cozy circumstances and exchange experiences, ideas, approaches, and best practices with your industry peers, SAP partners and business experts. The clue is to learn from others, plan further steps, and set individual priorities to take further actions.


Altitude Training


Your business is moving forward, following the vision of its smart future. Now you need a bunch of tools to turn this vision into reality. Welcome to altitude training! You will acquire the tools and services necessary to achieve agility and foresight while extending the value of your enterprise intelligence securely. We will also introduce you to our partners offering in the area of cloud infrastructure and services.

Summit Meeting​


Together we will achieve the goal. During the Summit Meeting, you can discuss the next steps in a personal exchange with your guide. Remember: once you’ve arrived at the summit, we continue to look ahead – and implement your individual goals for the future. ​Book an individual tailor-made 1:1 meeting.

2021 expedition

Have you missed live experiences of the 2021 Rise with SAP expedition? Would you like to watch the videos and webinars again? Or maybe you wish to recall an interesting case study or a presentation? All sessions are still available, just register here to watch them on demand.

What is RISE with SAP?

The RISE with SAP program is a unique opportunity to start or accelerate your digital transformation with expert guidance. The offer includes a holistic on-your-terms and on-your-timeline transformation to an intelligent enterprise, a faster time to premier value, and the flexibility you need without a high up-front investment.

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