Better business outcomes
with SAP HANA Cloud

Vector Engine

Europe & APJ - April 4, 2024, 9:00 CEST

(15:00 SGT | 12:30 IST)

The Americas - April 4, 2024, 11:00 EST

(08:00 PST | 17:00 CEST)

Introducing the Vector Engine in SAP HANA Cloud!


Imagine a world where data is not just stored but enriched with context and intelligence, thanks to high-dimensional vectors embeddings. You don’t need to imagine this anymore: SAP HANA Cloud seamlessly integrates these vectors into its multi-model processing capabilities, powering intelligent data applications.


But wait, there's more! SAP HANA Cloud doesn't just stop at storing and searching these vector embeddings; it unleashes the power of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). Picture this: combining Large Language Models (LLMs) with your private business data, all effortlessly facilitated by the SAP HANA Cloud vector engine. 🌟 What does this mean for you? Say hello to lightning-fast semantic searches, unparalleled storage efficiency, and data applications that not only learn but evolve with new information. 


With SAP HANA Cloud, developers aren't just coding; they're architecting the future of intelligent data-driven decision-making. 💡


Are you looking for an intro to the SAP HANA Cloud vector engine and want to hear from first-hand experience what can be achieved with the new engine within SAP HANA Cloud? Then this webinar will be a perfect fit for you.


Join us if you are in one of the below roles or if you are just generally interested in the SAP HANA Cloud vector engine.

Who should attend

  • IT Managers
  • Architects
  • Developers and Database Administrators
  • Business Users/Process Experts
  • Anyone interested in the SAP HANA Cloud vector engine


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Webinar Agenda

  1. Welcome (5 min) - Join the SAP HANA Cloud product management team together with PwC and learn more about the SAP HANA Cloud Vector Engine. This webinar will feature an interview, a demo as well as an expert presentation and some valuable time for Q&A at the end. 
  2. How PwC is leveraging the SAP HANA Cloud Vector Engine (15 min) - Dive deep into PwCCheck your value chain use case supported by the SAP HANA Cloud Vector Engine. Learn more about how they used unstructured data for unique supplier insights, expanded the solution with diverse sources for comprehensive risk assessment, included in- and external data and transformed them with the help of Large Language Models into embeddings. 
  3. Deep Dive into SAP HANA Cloud Vector Engine (15 min) - SAP HANA Cloud’s Vector Engine can help you to make a significant step into the future of unified data excellence. Learn more about the newest addition to the multi-model engine family within SAP HANA Cloud that will enable you to store and query vector embeddings seamlessly alongside various other data types. No more data silos and a more holistic approach to data management. 
  4. Expert Q&A (10 min) - Take this opportunity to address your burning questions to our SAP experts and they will do their best to answer them. 
Thomas Hammer
SAP HANA Cloud Lead product Manager
Jumen Rest
Data & Analytics Manager
PwC Deutschland
Susen Poppe,
SAP HANA Cloud Product Manager
Shabana Samsudheen
SAP HANA Cloud Product Manager
Toros Aledjian
Senior Director, Go-To-Market Business Technology Platform
SAP Americas
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