Creating an intelligent business is crucial to achieve operational efficiency and meet evolving business demands. How can you accelerate your journey to create an intelligent business and drive business performance? And are there tools and services that can help you achieve those goals faster and easier?


SAP Business Technology Platform is in the center of SAP’s strategy to support intelligent sustainable enterprises. During the sessions you will get an overview about the role of SAP BTP within SAP’s overall strategy and why it is an essential building block to achieve fully integrated and highly automated business processes. Learn which solution areas are covered by SAP BTP and about the benefits that can be achieved by building upon a business-centric technology platform. The overview session also gives guidance on how you can start the journey with BTP from a technical and on the available commercial models that support you with creating your individual BTP strategy.​ The follow-up sessions will provide more information on the individual key solutions.


Who should attend

  • Director Application Development
  • Director Product Development and Delivery
  • IT Managers & Experts
  • Managing Director, Sales and Delivery
  • SAP Development leads
May 7, 2024 Agenda
(08:00 CEST | 10:00 AMT | 11:00 Astana)

BTP Overview and Industry scenarios: targeted for mixed audience

  • Explore SAP BTP in a Nutshell
    • Delving into the core capabilities of SAP BTP, this session aims to provide participants with a comprehensive overview of how this cloud platform empowers businesses to thrive in the digital era. Whether you're a business leader seeking to future-proof your enterprise or an IT professional looking to harness the latest technologies, this session offers a valuable opportunity to explore the transformative potential of SAP Business Technology Platform
  • Transforming Industries: A Dive into Customer-Focused SAP Business Technology Platform Solutions
    • This session will provide an overview of how various industry professionals can revolutionize their operations and customer experiences through SAP BTP. With a spotlight on customer-centric business use cases, participants will discover how it acts as a catalyst for transformation through using mobile applications, seamless data integration, optimization of processes, and leveraging AI technology. The session will cover innovative use cases for optimizing processes, maximizing asset performance, and driving value in the heavy industry sector. In addition, approaches will be presented for delighting customers, driving growth, fostering loyalty, and staying ahead in today's competitive landscape through seamless integration, automating processes, and Low-Code-No-Code application development.
  • SAP BTP Side-by-side Extension for SAP SuccessFactors
    • Customer and Partner Insights: Hear from our partner LeverX and leading logistics company Girteka on leveraging BTP in real-world scenarios connected to extending SAP SuccessFactors solution using side-bt-side extension approach..
  • Taking Your SAP BTP Application Security to the Next Level: Insights from SAP Partner RedRays
    • Security is a top priority for SAP BTP, and the platform provides robust security features and best practices to help organizations protect their data and systems from threats. In this session by RedRays CTO Vahagn Vardanian, you will learn how you can take your security to the next level and ensure the protection of your sensitive data and systems on SAP BTP. RedRays is a cybersecurity company that provides SAP BTP custom application security audit services, that help to discover and remediate potential security threats in applications built by SAP customers or partners,  such as vulnerabilities, insecure configurations, and incorrect permissions.
May 8, 2024 Agenda
(08:00 CEST | 10:00 AMT | 11:00 Astana)

Keeping the Core Clean: targeted more for technical audience 


  • Clean Core Strategy and Overview 
    • An ERP clean core strategy is the way forward for organizations to use the latest release, minimize or eliminate modifications, and run with cloud-compliant extensions and customizations. Join this session to learn how it allows rapid innovation, better execution and efficient operations; and how the adoption of SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is key for this strategy.



  • Extensibility lowCode: SAP Build Apps, SAP Build Process Automation, SAP Build WorkZone
    • Explore SAP's low-code solutions for building apps, automating processes, and creating employee and customer portals.



  • Integrations: SAP Business Accelerator Hub, Integration Suite, Edge Integration Cell
    • Learn the ropes of integrating SAP with third-party systems via BTP, focusing on sought-after scenarios such as hybrid integration. This approach is optimal for on-premises to on-premises integrations, ensuring data compliance, local processing, and continuous business operations, even amidst connectivity disruptions.


  • Efficient DevOps with SAP BTP
    • DevOps enables development teams to achieve a high-level of agility and quality - also for your extension projects on SAP BTP! In this session, get a quick overview of SAP's recommended approach that allows to foster agile development with DevOps principles for SAP-specific extension use cases on SAP BTP with ease, as part of your cloud transformation!




Arne Speck
Product Manager for SAP Business Technology Platform
SAP Switzerland
​Finny Babu
Lead Product Manager, SAP Integration Suite & Edge Integration Cell
Boris Zarske
Product Manager
Pinaki Ray
Senior Director for Business Architecture, BPaaS, Business Technology Platform
Vahagn Vardanian
Ching Wei (Claire) Tseng
Product Manager at SAP Build
Erika Fridmanova
SAP SuccessFactors - Employee Central Product owner
Siarhei Bahamiaka
SAP BTP Solution Architect
Tsovinar Chugaszyan
SAP BTP Product Manager
Toros Aledjian
Senior Director, Go-To-Market Business Technology Platform
SAP Americas
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