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SAP Inspire for Spend Management
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What are the benefits of SAP Intelligent Spend Management?
Simplifying the procurement process


A central place for procurement that provides end-to-end visibility and empowers employees with a simple, smart, and self-service-compliant purchasing experience.

Minimizing the risk of spending


Sophisticated sourcing, contracting, and spend analysis processes for all types of spend, fully integrated into powerful and scalable execution and procurement processes.

Accelerating cooperation with trading partners


Modern supplier management capabilities for supplier discovery, qualification, and segmentation, supplemented by the automation of the entire order-to-invoice process for touchless, intelligent document exchange with zero processing errors.

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Hear from our customers.
Are you wondering how you can adapt your procurement processes to changing conditions? Or are you wondering how the tools can help you increase your efficiency? Train with us by watching our webinars and find out directly from customers how they use SAP Intelligent Spend Management to support their procurement.
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GAME #1 - OMV Group
Train your effectiveness with digital signature
GAME #2 - Intel
Better manage your external team
GAME #3 - Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Improve your negotiation skills
Flexibility routine with DocuSign


Stretching always focuses on flexibility and preparation to make workouts more efficient and safer. With DocuSign, you can expand your elasticity without worrying about the challenges associated with paper versions of documents that need to be signed. Watch the webinar to see how DocuSign eSignature can become the trigger to transformation.

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GAME #5 - Novartis
Perfect cooperation with external team


The most important thing in teamwork is communication, without which even the smallest and simplest project cannot be realized efficiently. To make the most of working with external employees, we need to create visibility, flexibility, and confidence. Watch the next set of the webinar and learn how to control spending, results, productivity, and risks.

Available June 30th!
GAME #6 - KMG Rompetrol
Create the best strategy for the source-to-pay process


In addition to physical preparation, you need to create a strategy before each game that will allow you to win. In procurement, the plan should include several elements: reducing costs, minimizing risk, implementing and enhancing digital models. You must also be prepared for unexpected situations or changing circumstances. Discover how to manage all spending processes by watching this webinar.

Available July 14th!
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GAME #7 - Swarovski
Implementation of the source-to-pay strategy


The next step is to implement the objectives set out in the strategy. In procurement, such a goal could be for example to control all expenditures by digitizing and simplifying source-to-pay processes in the cloud. Realizing this plan can be even easier if you have a guide that leads you through the various stages of the purchase. Watch the webinar and see how a solution ‘Guided Buying’ can structure buying procedure.

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Getting feedback from your external team


After the competition, the coach must not only analyse what happened during the match but also talk to his players. The feedback can then be used to correct the elements that did not work. Communication with the external team is equally important. This webinar will show you that with SAP Qualtrics XM for Suppliers you can go beyond the operation matrix by listening, understanding, and acting.

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