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What is xP&A?
Over the past years, CFOs and their teams have been under increased pressure to evolve from scorekeepers into strategic business partners. They are being asked to deliver meaningful business intelligence to the C-suite, provide rapid decision support across the enterprise, and steer the ship in a profitable – and sustainable – direction. That’s where xP&A comes in.
xP&A (extended planning and analysis) is a planning approach that takes the best financial planning and analysis (FP&A) capabilities – like continuous planning, forecasting, advanced analytics, and performance monitoring – and extends them across the enterprise. Not only does xP&A give the power of FP&A to operational departments, it eliminates the traditional barriers between finance and operations and connects strategic, financial, and operational plans in real time. Watch the video below and discover how to make Extended Planning and Analysis (xP&A) a reality with SAP Analytics Cloud.
By synchronizing plans across the organization, xP&A helps companies improve visibility and become much more agile and adaptable. This has never been more important than right now, when constant change is the new normal and the ability to pivot quickly isn’t just a nice-to-have – it’s a necessity.
But of course, xP&A doesn’t just link operational plans to each other – it also links them to financial goals and strategic objectives. This helps CFOs and their teams forecast, monitor, and evaluate things holistically – and excel in their role as strategic advisor to the business. Even though FP&A capabilities are extended to different departments with xP&A, finance teams are still at the helm and perfectly positioned to orchestrate extended planning across the business.
One of the many realities revealed by the rapid upheaval and uncertainty of COVID-19 is that even when the pandemic passes, old planning methods won't be enough. Instead, connected, continuous planning across the enterprise will be the key to rebounding from the pandemic and ongoing disruptions and navigating beyond them. We have officially entered the era of xP&A, and it’s here to stay.
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