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  • 12:00–12:20

    12:00 HM129

    Enabling a Resilient and Sustainable Enterprise From Design to Operate

    SAP Digital Supply Chain solutions help businesses digitalize their supply chain and operations processes from end to end. This mitigates the impact of supply chain disruptions better, faster, with less complexity, and at a lower cost. SAP Digital Supply Chain helps you become more agile, productive, connected, and sustainable.


  • 12:40–13:00

    12:40 HM122

    Global Track and Trace in a Research Project for Smart Supply Chains

    In 2018 and together with Airbus, we presented our plans for a joint research project with self-adaptable supply chains. Now, we want to present the result, based on SAP Logistics Business Network, global track and trace option.

  • 13:20–13:40

    13:20 HM149

    Operational Excellence with Electronic Documents and Statutory Reporting

    Do you want to learn how to scale the processing of electronic documents and statutory reporting while improving operational efficiency? Join Siemens and SAP in a vibrant session sharing insights and first-hand experiences with adoption, digitalization, localization, and scaling with confidence and operational excellence.

  • 14:00–14:20

    14:00 HM154

    Increasing Efficiency and Productivity with Intelligent Asset Management

    The strategic relationship between Accenture and SAP is designed to address the challenges asset-intensive businesses face. Hear how we helped an energy company reduce costs and execution time using new technologies like digital twin, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and the SAP Intelligent Asset Management portfolio of solutions.

  • 14:40–15:00

    14:40 HM150 (DE)

    Der digitale Zwilling als Basis neuer Geschäftsmodelle

    Der digitale Zwilling bietet Unternehmen wie KUKA Möglichkeiten, ihre Geschäftsmodelle neu auszurichten und zu digitalisieren. Der gemeinsame Ansatz mit SAP bringt IT und OT zusammen und zeigt Kunden anhand eines realen Produktionsszenarios, wie die Digitalisierung eines KUKA-Roboters mit Innovationsszenarien wie Pay per Use verknüpft werden kann.

  • 15:20–15:40

    15:20 HM158

    Enabling Connected Work and Digital Supply Chains with Augmented Reality

    From smart factories to next-generation warehouse and service operations, Industry 4.0 processes rely on intelligent technologies such as AR and AI to run better. Learn how customers add value to their investments by integrating their frontline workforce and technologies to boost productivity, efficiency, and quality and create better experiences.

  • 16:00–16:20

    16:00 HM131

    Improve Asset Reliability with Maintenance Collaboration and Insights

    Optimal asset uptime and utilization, as well as efficient maintenance practices, are critical for manufacturers. SAP Business Network for Asset Management enables manufacturers to reduce capital expenditure and maintenance costs, by facilitating the sharing of performance analytics on a collaborative platform and establishing a digital replica.

  • 16:40–17:00

    16:40 HM127

    Sustainable Automotive Industry: Co-Innovation Shapes a New Era of Mobility

    Together with Bosch, we show how closely profit and sustainability are linked. We particularly emphasize co-innovation across departments, functions, and companies along the entire automotive supply chain.

  • 9:20–9:40

    9:20 HM140

    Industry 4.0 – The Opportunity is Now

    There has never been an inflection point so poignant where technology and strategy can modernize your business in a single step. Embracing Industry 4.0 moves you from transactional data silos to integrated, data-driven business processes, allowing for "quicker” and smarter decisions. Take the ordinary into the extraordinary with Industry 4.0.

  • 10:00–10:20

    10:00 HM104 (DE)

    Warsteiners smartes Lager – SAP EWM kombiniert mit Laser-Lokalisierung
    • Lernen Sie die Mehrwerte der digitalen Transformation nutzen
    • Schaffen Sie standortübergreifende Echtzeit-Transparenz für alle Voll- und Leergutartikel
    • Erleben Sie technologische Innovation und die ganzheitliche SAP-Integration

  • 10:40–11:00

    10:40 HM152

    Unlock the Potential of SAP Integrated Business Planning

    Get insights about the business needs and challenges addressed by JTI with SAP IBP. Learn more about the project highlights of implementing SAP IBP along the outcomes, value, and business results achieved by SAP IBP.

  • 11:20–11:40

    11:20 HM138

    Digital Service for Efficiency, Productivity, and Customer Satisfaction

    Customer-oriented digital field service is the foundation for future-proof business models. Hear from Bosch Building Technologies on how they have adapted to this business model and how they now operate their field service. What have they learned during the transformation journey and what are the outcomes for the organization and customers.

  • 12:00–12:20

    12:00 HM130

    SAP Digital Supply Chain Management, Edition for SAP S/4HANA

    SAP Digital Supply Chain Management, edition for SAP S/4HANA is a composable package of solutions for supply chain planning, manufacturing, and logistics. These solutions can be deployed independent of large-scale SAP S/4HANA implementations and integrate seamlessly with an existing SAP ERP environment to deliver accelerated time-to-value.

  • 12:40–13:00

    12:40 HM136

    Intelligent Asset Management, the Convergence of EAM and APM

    Companies that traditionally focused on operational excellence in maintenance are adopting new processes and technologies for asset performance management. Hear how SAP is enabling the shift from disconnected asset strategy, planning, and execution to intelligent asset management, where EAM and APM processes converge with closed loop automation.

  • 13:20–13:40

    13:20 HM124

    Industry 4.0 for Reduced Energy and Waste in the Next-Gen Factory

    Arpa worked with SAP to build its next-generation FENIX factory. Smart, automated fine tuning of manufacturing reduces energy and water use by 80% while machine learning algorithms slash scrap waste to near zero. Productivity increased 6-fold, powered by autonomous, laser-guided vehicles to realize € 750 K in production costs savings in year one.

  • 14:00–14:20

    14:00 HM106

    A New View on Supply Chains: Demand and Capacity Management with Catena-X

    Catena-X Automotive Network is an alliance of OEMs, suppliers, and equipment manufacturers who have committed themselves to creating secure and interoperable value chains for the automotive industry. Experience how ZF Friedrichshafen and SAP are jointly tackling the highly critical challenge of demand and capacity management.

  • 14:40–15:00

    14:40 HM156

    How to Go Live with SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud in Four Months

    Syntax Systems is a global IT services and managed cloud provider. The pre-configured industry solution templates we offer have been developed based on best practices and extensive experience. The Syntax project methodology incorporates agile tactics, design thinking, digital tools, and interactive trainings to enable rapid project implementation.

  • 15:20–15:40

    15:20 HM134

    Field Service Automation and Precision with AI Optimization

    As companies seek to grow and differentiate their products by enhancing service and equipment performance, service precision has never been so critical. Hear how SAP solutions – including scheduling with artificial intelligence – can help you optimize service delivery for increased growth and profitability.

  • 16:00–16:20

    16:00 HM116

    Run a More Efficient Warehouse with Automated Operations and Robotics

    Increase your resilience using robotics and a modern, flexible warehouse management system. SAP recently released the SAP Warehouse Robotics solution to optimize operations and integrate seamlessly with SAP Extended Warehouse Management. Hear first hand about the new robotics solution and its capabilities.

  • 16:40–17:00

    16:40 HM160

    BCG FlexCellManufacturing with SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud

    In this session, Boston Consulting Group will share their expertise on FlexCellManufacturing. They will show you how in collaboration this can be realized with SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud solutions and modular production.

  • 9:20–9:40

    9:20 HM102

    Digital Manufacturing - The Future of Productivity

    The future of productivity requires resilient, customer-centric, and sustainable operations. It needs the flexibility to enable production of any product at any plant at any time. Connected end-to-end processes are required to unlock the full potential of Industry 4.0 and real-time responses to varying customer demand and supply chain challenges.

  • 10:00–10:20

    10:00 HM151

    Schindler’s Seamless Digital Installation Resource Planning

    The installation and maintenance of Schindler's transportation systems depend on resource planners in over 40 countries. These used different local tools without backend integration, which had to be maintained individually. The answer for harmonized planning was a real-time field service solution integrated with the rest of the organization.

  • 10:40–11:00

    10:40 HM161

    Siemens and SAP: Your Blueprint for PLM and ERP Integration

    SAP and Siemens have partnered to integrate Siemens Teamcenter and SAP S/4HANA to bring you the SAP Teamcenter by Siemens solution. Learn how to improve production value with a digital thread that runs through your product engineering, manufacturing engineering, and manufacturing execution to connect your data and processes.

  • 11:20–11:40

    11:20 HM112

    New Strategies Safeguarding the Energy System in Times of Global Crises

    Climate change and the dependency on fossil fuels both drive the transition towards renewable and decentralized energy production. This requires new strategies to manage supply networks and power plants. SAP Intelligent Asset Management enables long-term investment planning, proactive maintenance, and efficient execution.

  • 12:00–12:20

    12:00 HM119

    Build a Resilient Supply Chain with Logistics and Supplier Collaboration

    Supply chain resiliency depends on your company's ability to mitigate risk and gain visibility across the supply chain. You must also respond quickly to changing logistics scenarios. Learn how collaboration with trading partners on capacity, logistics, and supplier-managed inventory helps manage supply chain disruptions.

  • 12:40–13:00

    16:40 HM160

    BCG FlexCellManufacturing with SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud

    In this session, Boston Consulting Group will share their expertise on FlexCellManufacturing. They will show you how in collaboration this can be realized with SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud solutions and modular production.

  • 13:20–13:40

    13:20 HM114

    Underpin a Resilient Supply Chain with Responsible Product Design

    Businesses need to balance the bottom line with sustainability impact. Building a sustainable supply chain from design to operate is key to achieving this goal. Learn how SAP solutions support a regenerative business by helping you eliminate waste and pollution, circulate materials, and ensure products comply with applicable regulations.

  • 14:00–14:20

    14:00 HM148

    The REWE Production Units Route to the OLYMP – A Stage Report

    This session will share REWE's manufacturing experience of setting up a greenfield program, using various SAP solutions such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP IBP, SAP EWM and the SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud solution. You will learn why the decision for these solutions was made and gain insights into the explore and build phase of the project.

  • 14:40–15:00

    14:40 HM101

    Process Industry 4.0?

    How can process manufacturers benefit from Industry 4.0? Concepts and use cases are discussed and a deep dive on predictive quality is taken.

  • 15:20–15:40

    14:20 HM155

    Kellogg’s Smart Factory Powered by Digital Manufacturing Solutions from SAP

    As part of Kellogg’s Smart Factory initiative, multiple digital solutions have been developed. One of them is Natural Resource Conservation which focuses on sustainability in tracking data and uses machine learning algorithms to calculate baseline energy/water consumption for food produced versus actual consumption.

  • 16:00–16:20

    16:00 HM125

    Achievement of Sustainability Goals Starts with Operations

    Enabling and maintaining sustainable operations will help companies meet the expectations of customers, shareholders, and the community. SAP EHS Management drives sustainable operations challenges that companies face when trying to reduce carbon emissions, reduce waste, protect workers, and ultimately protect their brand.

  • 16:40–17:00

    16:40 HM117

    When Can We Get Back to Normal in Supply Chain Planning?

    What is the impact of supply chain disruptions on planning?

    Learn about the business trends and challenges companies face now and in the future. How can we prepare for the next major crisis? Get an idea about how to achieve efficient and resilient supply chain planning.

  • 9:20–9:40

    9:20 HM128

    Accelerate Your Transformation with the Industrial Internet of Things

    SAP offers IIoT-embedded solutions for the entire “Design to Operate” process to help customers scale productivity. SAP and its partners are now offering rapid proof of concepts and turnkey IIoT-embedded offerings to significantly speed up IIoT projects and reduce the risks within Industry 4.0 transformations. Three scenarios are in scope.

  • 10:00–10:20

    10:00 HM123

    Gaining Transparency and Embedding Sustainability Throughout Your Processes

    Achieve transparency and embed sustainability in the complete lifecycle of your products. Sustainability is to become a core metric in your end-to-end business process – from product design over procurement to manufacturing and service. Software helps to improve these processes and to collect all relevant data at a central place.

  • 10:40–11:00

    10:40 HM103

    Grow in Service with New Offerings and Business Models

    Learn how you can profitably grow your service business through new offerings and business models. See how SAP solutions like the intelligent suite, the SAP Business Network, and the industry cloud help you to profitably run and expand your service business.

  • 11:20–11:40

    11:20 HM133

    Improve Reliability and Reduce Risk with SAP Asset Performance Management

    Find out how SAP Asset Performance Management can help preserve assets, mitigate risks, and develop optimal maintenance strategies. This includes advanced condition monitoring with IoT and rule-based technologies, to deliver end-to-end, closed-loop continuous improvement for how you manage your assets.

  • 12:00–12:20

    12:00 HM118

    How is BSH Implementing a Resilient Supply Chain Planning Solution?

    Get insights on how BSH Home Appliances Group is implementing and leveraging a digital supply chain solution effectively with business value, by using SAP Integrated Business Planning, SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization, PP/DS, DDMRP/DDR and SAP S/4HANA.

  • 12:40–13:00

    12:40 HM141

    New Manufacturing Business Models to Support a Circular Economy

    Manufacturers are faced with competitive as well as margin pressures. Simultaneously, environmental, social, and governance regulations (ESG) force manufacturers to adopt a circular approach to their business. In this session, you will hear how new business models in manufacturing support the transition to a circular economy.

  • 13:20–13:40

    13:20 HM159 (DE)

    Integratives PLM in SAP

    Die DSC Software AG begleitet ihre Kunden durch Lösungen und Beratungskompetenz in der individuellen Realisierung ihrer Digitalisierungsstrategie.

  • 14:00–14:20

    14:00 HM157

    Enabling Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing

    Efficient and sustainable manufacturing starts with digitizing all machines regardless of age or producer. The platform solution FORCAM FORCE EDGE connects all legacy machines. It generates a digital asset twin using harmonized data for real-time analytics in follow-up systems such as the SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud solution.

  • 16:00–16:20

    16:00 HM113

    Gain a Competitive Edge with a High-Performing Logistics Organization

    Supply chain resilience and streamlined logistics execution are differentiators in rapidly changing market conditions. The session will explore how SAP's digital logistics solutions can help companies to establish best-in-class logistics operations with RISE with SAP.

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