Move to Cloud-Powered HR
Move to Cloud-Powered HR


By moving from on-premise to the cloud you can make your HR management more agile, effective, and human-oriented. Join us and learn about the benefits of the SAP Human Experience Management Movement Program.

Why SAP Success Factors?
Only SAP SuccessFactors offers the next generation of human capital management (HCM): human experience management (HXM). Our end-to-end suite of cloud HXM solutions is completely designed around employee experiences. It takes the best of HCM and builds in employee experience capabilities and insights that help everyone feel connected, supported, and empowered. Start your cloud journey today with expert help from SAP.
The time for HR digital transformation is now

Pre-pandemic, the world of work was already changing – not just where we work, but how we work as well. COVID-19 has drastically, and unstoppably, accelerated this change. First, with a shift to remote work almost overnight, and now with a more permanent hybrid workforce model and new employee expectations. Legacy HR systems simply can’t keep up. With the future-ready, employee-centric SAP SuccessFactors cloud suite, you can:

  • Deliver strategic, actionable insights to HR and leaders to help drive critical business decisions
  • Empower employees with an easy, intuitive, and mobile experience
  • Keep pace with the rapidly changing needs of your workforce with the latest technology
What is the SAP Human Experience Management Movement program?
Plan your SAP SuccessFactors migration with expert help

SAP HXM Movement is a program that helps existing SAP HCM customers expedite and simplify their migration to SAP SuccessFactors HXM in the cloud. The program offers specialized tools, assets, and services that will make the journey seamless. The program significantly enhances our solutions to meet customers’ needs based on their feedback, including investment in:

  • Enhanced core HR with improved configurability and localization
  • SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking: a cloud-based solution that delivers advanced time and attendance capabilities
  • Accelerated payroll innovation in the cloud
  • Streamlined data integration between on-premise and cloud solutions
Put people at the center of your business
Watch the webinar and learn how the SAP Human Experience Management Movement program can help you make your employees feel part of the community.

To succeed in today’s world, you must constantly adapt your business. This means ensuring that your people are aligned, engaged, and properly skilled. During the session we'll show you how you canIncrease engagement, boost productivity, and reduce turnover by creating meaningful, truly individualized experiences for everyone. 

  • Improve your ability to adapt to change with upskilling and reskilling that aligns to your business and people transformation needs. 
  • Make faster, more informed people decisions by breaking down silos and integrating data, intelligent technologies, and applications on one platform.
Benefits of moving to the cloud
Elevate the Employee Experience

SAP HXM is people-centric, easy to use, intuitive, and give access to HR data and self-service employees from any device, anytime. Our HXM Suite offers flexible core HR and payroll functions that transform HCM from a record and payment system to an engagement system.

Automation, Process Simplification and Standardization

Outdated HCM systems and procedures cannot ensure the agility and experience that modern workforce demands. Move to end-to-end HR process management with automated HR workflows and intelligent services that save money and human resources.

Innovation, Extensibility and New HR Services

Take advantage of the new features that come with each update to drive innovation faster. Easily and flexibly extend your HXM cloud solution to give your HR department an edge and deliver engaging employee-centric environments and services.

Security, Regulatory Compliance, Embedded Localization

In today's rapidly changing business and regulatory climate, it is essential to keep up to date with the latest compliance standards at local and global level. Secure HR data and reduce risk by using the built-in location provided and maintained for SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll.

Why shift to a cloud-based HR strategy?
Based on a PwC HR Tech Survey 2022, moving to the cloud can help you overcome the biggest challenges of your HR departments.


greater HR control


improved data security


improved productivity


saved money

Don’t just take our word for it – hear from SAP HXM customers
Foxconn Czech Republic

Foxconn Czech Republic designs and manufactures cutting-edge technologies for some of the world’s most successful electronics brands. To maintain its leading position in the market, Foxconn must be able to attract, support, and retain highly skilled people. By modernizing its HR activities with simplified, fully digital processes, the company is establishing a culture of continuous learning and development across the organization –empowering all employees to achieve their full potential.

Telekom Srbija a.d.

Telekom Srbija a.d. is is striving to make its products and services state-of-the- art for customers. To better serve its employees, the company decided to build best-in-class HR strategies for employee development and internal processes. With an integrated, centralized HR system, managers would be empowered to better plan, set goals, and make decisions while engaging employees with an easy-to-use self-service portal. ​

Szerencsejáték Zrt.

To support customers and sustain growth, Hungary’s Szerencsejáték Zrt. must attract and retain TOP talents. This required a digital HR platform to streamline and standardize everything from hiring to onboarding, learning, performance management, payroll, and more. Lucky for Szerencsejáték, it picked a winning platform and the right team to put it in place.

RHI Magnesita GmbH

Refractories leader RHI Magnesita GmbH from Austria knows that to help its customers address extreme challenges, it must find, retain, and motivate exceptional people. The company has found a unified solution needed to enable HR teams, optimize HR operations, and provide a better people experience.​

Erste Group Bank AG

To increase transparency and deliver a unified, high-quality experience for all employees, Erste Group Bank AG (Austria) harmonized HR processes and transformed the employee experience with a digital, state-of-the-art solution

How SAP HXM Movement program can help you move to the cloud?
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