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Intelligent Enterprise Institute

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What is the Intelligent Enterprise Institute?


The Intelligent Enterprise Institute is an SAP Services led team, brought to you by SAP's Premium Engagements. It provides thought leadership and a platform to imagine the concepts of intelligent enterprises of our day and future. It is powered by SAP’s years of experience, expertise and know-how in enterprise application software and technology industry, alongside a start-up mentality of agility and continuous innovation.

What is an Intelligent Enterprise?


Intelligent Enterprises collect insights from customers, employees, products, and brand at every touch point. They use powerful technologies to sense opportunities, risks, and trends. And they turn this intelligence into action across the business, to deliver the best possible results, unlock new sources of growth, and lead in their industry. 



The Intelligent Enterprise Institute helps organisations to accelerate their digital transformation. We aim to design the future of business and society through the power of ideation and intelligent technologies in collaboration with our network of customers, thought leaders and partners.

RISE with SAP: Innovation Continues

Choose the journey that’s right for your company with new industry and line of business packages that address specific business needs, as well as modular cloud ERP, process excellence, and much more.
Intelligent Enterprise Labs

Develop an ideal ground for process innovation and optimization based on the latest technologies and best practices. You will have the chance to create and implement your own high-level process innovation and optimization roadmap.

Listen to what is happening around their business and to understand why. You will have the chance to design your experience management journey and lead in your industry.



Achieve a holistic look of your data and learn how you can make the best use of it. The Data Lab combines the power of existing SAP data services and technologies - to help you discover a new approach to data-driven business models.


Become a more sustainable business. With our Sustainability Lab have the chance to think, re-evaluate, and re-create your business around sustainability.




Institute's Membership

Intelligent Enterprise Institute Membership is an exclusive program, holistically designed to equip the front-runners with the best resources for the Intelligent Enterprise era. This offering is a new approach to foster an innovation mindset by bringing together aspects of purpose and disruptive thinking with technology and structured innovation methods in order to tackle business challenges. A vivid and inspiring community allows you and your team to connect with a broad network of executives, professionals and futurists. 

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