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SAP Learning on Your Terms.

Have you already tried ultra-personalized and flexible learning solutions?

Never before has training become so accessible, so convenient, so individually tailored to you. Here are just a few of the ways in which SAP has augmented its Training and Adoption offering to bring learning closer to you.

SAP Live Class

Take your classroom home with exactly the same teachers, course materials, personal support, and face-to-face instructor engagement as in a traditional learning environment, straight to your living-room or kitchen table. Learn More

SAP Learning Hub

Whether it be through gamified simulations, collective study, live feed to the experts or a self-paced syllabus, SAP Learning Hub now has the tools that best match your individual learning style, profile and preferences.
Learn More

SAP Enable Now

The ultra-flexible and engaging blend of personalized e-learning materials plus contextual online performance support keeps end-users productive at all times. Learn More

SAP Global Certification

Prove your SAP expertise with SAP Global Certification and keep your certification valid with stay current enablement in SAP Learning Hub. Take your certification exam right at your desk, on your PC. Learn More

SAP Training and Adoption Services

We provide you with expert guidance to help you assess trainings needs, quantify your desired results, leverage direct assistance and customize services to ensure they meet your unique needs. Learn More

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Did you know ?

Consultants’ test scores at Altran Deutschland S.A.S. & Co. KG improved by 30% to 83% after 12 months
of using the SAP Learning Hub.


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