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Central & Eastern Europe

We are honored to present the winners of the 2021 SAP Quality Awards!
The SAP Quality Award represent a platform for SAP customers and their implementation partners, to share experience and lessons-learned from successful SAP implementation projects. Over the recent years, this contest has helped to build a community of thought leaders in the areas of project, risk and quality management and nurtured an open ecosystem through shared experiences.
It is obvious that successful projects do not happen by chance – they need to be carefully planned and executed, potential risks need to be mitigated early on, and project quality criteria be precisely formulated.







Find out how Tom Kindermans, Managing Director SAP Central and Eastern Europe, defines High Quality Customer Projects!

Category Rapid Time to Value
This category awards shorter projects, where the focus is on rapid progress and quick turnaround of value. In some cases the go-live date cannot be postponed due to a fixed date of the legacy system decommissioning, merging or splitting companies or establishing new business project with a short return on investment from investors.
Category Rapid Time to Value - Grand Winner


Thank you for the nominations of all of these great finalists' projects!

And the Grand Winner is: Galenika from Serbia, a pharmaceutical and GMP certified company, who succeeded with their SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud project! Congratulations!


The project was implemented in record time of just seven months and supported by Enetel Solutions. As a Grand Winner, Galenika is nominated to proceed into the Europe/Middle East/Africa round of this contest.



Find out more details about Galenika's winning project in this video!


The replacement of a 30-year-old mainframe system was an opportunity to redesign the company's business processes while exploiting SAP Best Practices for Pharmaceutical Industry.


It was a big change for the company switching literally from ASCI terminals to up-to-date IT tools which was a necessary step for the company with ambitions to become a market leader.

CEE Finalists
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Category Rapid Time to Value - Medium Sized Implementations - CEE Winner


Thank you to all customers, who have nominated their successful implementation projects!


And the CEE winner is: Ikano Industry Sp. z.o.o. from Poland! The main driver which helped Ikano Industry to reduce project cost and implementation time was the decision to use a solution powered by standard SAP SuccessFactors and operated in a partner Managed Cloud provided by Gavdi together with best practices and accelerators developed by Gavdi. Congratulations!





Watch this video to find out more about the winning team and project!


Within the implemented concept, Ikano Industry Sp. z.o.o. consumes a complete service from a single supplier who takes care about the whole solution lifecycle - from implemention through its administration and mainance to its future growth and improvement. 

CEE Finalists
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Category Business Transformation
This category awards larger and more demanding projects, which transform the way how customers do their business. A significant part of such projects is Organizational Change Management, sometimes managed as a parallel project stream supported by HR. Recently we see also projects, which represent transformation of the business itself by bringing new business models and entrepreneur approaches.
Category Business Transformation - Grand Winner


Thank you to all customers, who nominated their outstanding projects for this award! 


We congratulate the finalists and especially the Grand Winner of this category: Asahi CE & Europe Services s.r.o. Czech Republic! The winning team achieved an exemplary approach to all quality principles and best project management practices. A complex SAP SuccessFactors cascading project for seven countries to handle full employee lifecycle within one system - supported by our partner Success Solutions.


As a Grand Winner, Asahi CE & Europe Services s.r.o. is nominated to proceed into the Europe/Middle East/Africa round of this contest. 




Watch this video to find out more about the winning project and team of Asahi CE & Europe Services s.r.o.!


Parts of the wide project scope were Employee Central, Performance & Goal Management, Recruitment Marketing, Onboarding, Learning Management Solution, Staffing & Career Development Plans, Compensation and Variable Pay, EC-Payroll in Poland as well as EC Time-off in Germany.


Besides experience and expertise, the partner Success Solutions provided extensions to the standard implementation methodology and implementation accelerators, which helped to speed-up the project delivery. 

CEE Finalists
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Category Business Transformation - Small & Medium Enterprise Solutions - CEE Winner


Thank you to our customers for the interesting nominations!


And the CEE winner is: voestalpine Signaling Poland Sp. z.o.o.! The winning team implemented a SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA project with the help of their partner Supremis Sp. z .o.o. The approach was unique by putting priority on highest possible quality of the implemented solution - mainly its best fit for the company's business rather than keeping the project strictly on budget and time. 

Have a closer look at the winning project and team in this video!


The chosen approach from voestalpine Signaling Poland Sp. z.o.o. is appropriate when looking at the project results from a long term perspective. A carefully performed digital transformation and optimally designed solution can provide significant return on investment over focusing on just pure project management success. 

CEE Finalists
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Category Business Transformation - Enterprise Solutions - CEE Winner


Thank you to all of our customers, who nominated their important projects!


For this category, due to equal scoring in the SAP evaluation process, we are announcing two winners: Mondo Trgovina OGL d.o.o. from Serbia and Bv. Holding Kft. from Hungary - congratulations to both winners!


Mondo Trgovina OGL d.o.o. successed with a greenfield implementation of a SAP Customer Experience suite of solutions. This project was supported by their partner Wireless Media d.o.o.


The winning team of Bv. Holding Kft. sucessfully completed a large SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Cloud business transformation project unified key business processes in 12 companies of very diverse areas. SAP Hungary was selected to support the customer with the implementation.


Find out more about the details of both projects in the videos below!


Watch this video to find out more about the project of Mondo Trgovina OGL d.o.o., one of our two winners in this category!


With this suite of solutions the winning team has the ambition to build the biggest classified media platform in Serbia, while offering all product categories in one place and delivering superior online user experience. 

In this video, you can learn more details about our second winning project in this category!


With this SAP S/4HANA business transformation at Bv. Holding Kft., the variety of 12 companies included has been very comprehensive - from prison operations to road construction as well as textile, agriculture and food production.


CEE Finalists
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