SAP web seminar for SMEs
RISE with SAP:
Medium-sized Companies in Practice

Explanation and Transparent Cost Comparison

RISE with SAP: Medium-sized companies in practice - Explanation and transparent cost comparison

Web Seminar | August 12th and August 17th, 2021, both at 9:30 am


Rarely has a market communication in the software industry been as polarizing as "RISE with SAP". Just a temporary phenomenon or a serious product bundle with strong leverage? An opportunity for rapid total cost savings and that from SAP? We explain the actual contents of RISE with SAP and provide maximum transparency through anonymized cost comparisons from real customer situations.

For the success of a company - especially in disruptive times like these - it is essential to adapt to changing business requirements and customer needs as well as to continuously evolve.

Enico Schuch explains in the video how you can succesfully master the path to the intelligent enterprise together with SAP as a strong and experienced partner. 


We start from a bird's eye view and explain how digitized market leaders work and the fundamental cloud added values for sustainably securing competitive advantages.

In a joint tour, we then present the possible SAP S/4HANA Cloud deployment variants and place them in the context of "RISE with SAP".

As a special highlight, we present the most important target questions that you can use to evaluate the "right ERP model" for your needs.

  • "Intelligent Enterprise": interplay of application suite, platform thinking and integrated technologies.
  • Benefits of SAP Cloud applications, SAP S/4HANA Cloud portfolio, explanation of hybrid approaches and the interplay with hyperscalers.
  • ERP Compass: The crucial target questions for evaluating the appropriate SAP S/4HANA model
  • "RISE with SAP": The service package for the "Intelligent Enterprise"


Our goal is to reduce your uncertainty about the right ERP model for the future as much as possible. In our opinion, a good gut feeling depends on maximum transparency and openness.

We show you anonymized total cost comparisons between conventional ERP deployment models and cloud variants from real customer situations.

In this context, we explain leverage factors that lead to maximum cost savings with the step into the SAP Cloud.

Furthermore, we highlight our latest total cost calculator, which allows a quick and transparent cost comparison (on premise vs. cloud) over the next 5 years.

  •  Anonymized TCO customer examples from different starting positions (new customer, SAP ECC existing customer and SAP S/4HANA existing customer).
  • Explanation of the most important leverage factors for cost savings
  • Presentation of the TCO calculator to analyze the most favorable ERP model

In the final landing flight, we will be happy to answer your individual questions.

As a follow-up to this web seminar, we recommend arranging a personal meeting so that we can advise you on your requirements and make a suitable cost-benefit comparison. The combination of virtual workshop and follow-up appointment will help you find your way in the cloud environment.

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What are the added values you can expect?

How do you optimally master all challenges on the way to the smart enterprise? Learn first-hand which steps are important now!


Benefit from valuable best practices from medium-sized businesses to be able to approach the optimization of your business processes sustainably!



During the event, our experts will take the time to answer your individual questions.



Rainer Eisel

RISE with SAP Lead for Midmarket MEE


Enrico Schuch

RISE with SAP Demand Generation Lead for MM MEE



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