Find out how SAP is revolutionizing

the innovation experience at Expo 2020.

Values to Value
Turn your values into value as a responsible business.
A company's success is no longer measured solely by economic factors, but also by how it manages to balance its social and environmental responsibilities.
In the Values to Value experience, the user is asked to take time-pressured business decisions in order to maneuver the company through upcoming challenges and lead it into a successful future.
HXM Expedition - Support, Empower and Connect your People
For a better today and tomorrow.
Leaders are pivotal in shaping employee experience. And HXM technology can enable leaders to listen to their feedback, respond in real-time, keep communications open and clear, and offer opportunities that help everyone do and be their best. In short, leaders are building an agile, resilient and inclusive culture that can thrive in an ever-changing world. It means new ways of learning, better ways of mentoring, proven ways of engaging, and every possible way of showing employees how much they’re valued.
Customer Checkout
SAP Customer Checkout is an integrated and intelligent POS software for sports and entertainment, retail, merchandising, and catering businesses. The solution is also running on ~ 1,000 POS locations at Expo 2020 Dubai. 
The experience showcases advanced integrated POS software enabling Expo 2020 and vendors to manage sales processes and master data with real-time visibility into sales data, analytics and reporting leveraging SAP S/4HANA.
PODway is an application platform that provides People of Determination (POD) with a seamless, hassle-free experience at large events.
It aims to provide event administrators with real time event insights so that they can plan for the specially-abled visiting the venue better, effective volunteer and ERT (Emergency Response Team) dispatching to respond to incidents. Event feedback powered by Qualtrics helps plan the next journey for the POD, which reduces journey time while visiting the venue and makes the experience for the POD and their families more enjoyable.
Equestrian Club
SAP plays a key role in Equestrian Sports since 2013.
The Equestrian Club showcases and opens new ways for fans to experience the fascinating sport and provides additional insights & analytics for media & athletes. The showcase brings out cross-country live tracking with SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP Analytics Cloud for showjumping, dressage powered by SAP HANA Cloud and winner predictions with SAP Analytics Cloud / Explainable AI.
Intelligent City
The Intelligent City is a visual metaphor for SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise. Like Dubai, any successful enterprise needs to constantly adopt to change in order to stay relevant. More people require modern systems, more businesses require scalable e-Commerce market places therefore, networks and markets need to interact in the virtual, as in the real world.This showcase maps Dubai’s iconic landmarks to SAP’s digital solutions. It illustrates the importance of vertical and horizontal integration to make the world run better.
Experience Tunnel
With our immersive tunnel we will demonstrate how sustainability initiatives can be part of your growth strategy. This showcase will encourage business leaders to consider our environment while maintaining highest level of business strategies. As you walk through, the innovative experience will help your business establish holistic strategies where sustainability and financial considerations are one and the same.
Procurement and Agility
Businesses worldwide are constantly seeking for ways to innovate their operations, find the right suppliers, holistically manage their external workforce and become more sustainable. Our Procurement and Agility Tour showcase focuses upon achieving automated spend management processes in order to expand business horizons. Furthermore, the showcase will present new strategic sourcing capabilities that would help supply chains be more sustainable, eliminate risk and diversify the supplier network.  
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