Transforming Services Industries in a Digital Economy 

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Exploring Future Innovations and Opportunities to Drive Growth


In today’s digital economy pressure on the services sector to do more for less is clear.   To stay competitive and meet increased customer expectations, organisations must seize every opportunity to innovate and grow - but do so wisely and profitably. 


Matching customer demand and talent supply is vital, as is ensuring the right resource is assigned to the right project to deliver value to the customer.


Join us as we share knowledge and showcase how your business can keep up with the ever-increasing pace of change.  

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Transforming Professional Services in a Digital Economy
Eric van Rossum, Global VP & General Manager, Professional Services, SAP

Understand key digitisation trends impacting the Professionals Services industry and how the latest SAP innovations and Intelligent Enterprise can transform business models and end-to-end industry processes at scale to accelerate digital transformation.

Executing Projects Profitably with S/4HANA Cloud for Services

Jonathan Rhodes, Director - Services Industry Business Unit

See how S/4HANA Cloud simplifies all aspects of the engagement lifecycle from initial bid development, ensuring scheduling of the right resources, through project execution with forecasting and collaboration capabilities to ensure that projects stay profitable and on track.

Making Insight Action in the Digital Economy
Michael Abbott, Analytics Specialist, SAP UKI

This session will demonstrate how you can not only have a real-time - 360 degree - view of your business, but you can also leverage a cutting-edge analytics solution which identifies what is happening in your business, why it’s happening, and what the impact of that decision will be.

Customer Case Study: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities - Embracing SAP S/4 Professional Services Cloud to Accelerate Value Realisation

Veronique Derycke, CFO, delaware International

delaware is a fast-growing, global consultancy that delivers advanced solutions and services to organisations striving for a sustainable, competitive advantage. Discover how moving to SAP S/4HANA Professional Services Cloud has enabled delaware to improve productivity, project management, decision making and customer satisfaction, while at the same time building a platform for future growth. Learn how continuous innovation is driving delaware’s growth and enabling their customers to benefit from faster processes and intelligent insights from people, assets and things.

Eric van Rossum
Global VP & General Manager, Professional Services at SAP

With over 15 years at SAP, Eric held roles spanning consulting, sales and support as well as working for SAP’s corporate strategy team driving strategic, operational and organisational projects for the executive board.

Veronique Derycke
CFO - delaware International

Veronique is delaware international’s CFO. In addition to her finance and business responsibilities. she was the ‘customer’ in the implementation (and co design) project of S4H Cloud Professional Services and SAP Analytics Cloud.

Jonathan Rhodes
Director – Services Industries, Industry Business Unit at SAP

Jonathan has helped clients deliver value through SAP solutions for over 20 years and has been instrumental in the development of the professional services industry solution and best practice processes.

Michael Abbott
Presales Analytics Specialist - SAP

Part of SAP’s Analytics and Insight team his role involves supporting our customers on their digital road to success through uncovering meaningful (and actionable!) insight from their data. Passionate about data visualization and the power of storytelling, being able to equip customers with the power to build new stories for their business is a true joy. 

Customer First

Do you have what it takes to put your customers first and beat the clock? Your mission will be to rank customer enquiries in order of priority, but don’t panic Machine Learning technology will be on hand to take the pressure off and help you prioritise to run your business more intelligently!

SAP Fieldglass

The workforce likely isn’t what it was when you joined.

In today’s multi-channel workforce, top talent can come from anywhere—so finding and managing the right people takes a whole new approach.



Ever wondered what Blockchain actually is? How it works? And why it’ll play a critical part in your future business? Then look no further, our Connections demo will answer your questions and show you how we use it as a service and how we are incorporating it into our products to help make your future transactions secure.

Speed and Agility

View how Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Image Recognition can be combined together to help improve customer and employee experience within your business.


delaware is a fast-growing, global company that delivers advanced solutions and services to organisations striving for a sustainable, competitive advantage.

delaware works with Professional Services companies to enable them to work more effectively by addressing challenges including contract and project management, management of recurring business and billing, project budget and cost follow-up, revenue recognition and related financial complexities, as well as managing a mobile, diffused workforce.

Through solutions including SAP S/4HANA Professional Services Cloud, SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Analytics Cloud, Professional Services organisations are achieving greater visibility and control, increased productivity and improved workforce engagement.

The professional services industry has been conducting business pretty much the same way for a long time. Professional services firms acquire talent, train employees into their corporate culture and methodologies, and resell their services after adding a percentage markup. Straightforward and simple, right?

But the times, they are a-changin’.

The digitisation of four fundamental elements – expertise, talent, service delivery, and customer engagement – is forcing professional services firms to rethink their business models and focus on how to drive revenue growth without corresponding growth in their employee base.

Hello Visionaries, Dreamers, Mavericks…

What does it take to become an intelligent digital business and what opportunities lie ahead in this era of digitisation?

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