SAP ERP Simulation Game Experience
Upcoming ERPSim Game:
Monday 3rd May, 10:30am AEST


Join us for an SAP ERPsim Game, a hands-on simulation that lets you and your team run on a live SAP S/4HANA system experience

Intelligent ERP can make an immediate positive impact on your business during this uncertain period. This hand’s on experience allows you to simulate a use case making key business decisions while executing multiple business transactions such as planning, sales, marketing, procurement and finance.


Teams will compete against one another to operate in a dynamic environment. Don't miss this opportunity to see first-hand how next-generation tools and processes can help increase operational agility to analyze data and derive real-time insights.


This immersive two-and-a-half-hour session challenges teams to:

  • Run your own business
  • Collaborate and communicate to win
  • Understand the end to end process
  • See the value of real-time analytics

Are you up for the challenge and opportunities that lie ahead? Please note that the gaming experience will be offered via Zoom.