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Amazon Web Services (AWS)
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Since 2006, Amazon Web Services has been the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud.


AWS has been continually expanding its services to support virtually any workload, and it now has more than 240 fully featured services for compute, storage, databases, networking, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, security, hybrid, media, and application development, deployment, and management from 105 Availability Zones within 33 geographic regions, with announced plans for 12 more Availability Zones and four more AWS Regions in Malaysia, New Zealand, Thailand, and the AWS European Sovereign Cloud.


Millions of customers—including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies—trust AWS to power their infrastructure, become more agile, and lower costs. AWS is the proven cloud to innovate with any SAP workload. Join thousands of customers who are realizing the value of AWS—like up to 47% lower infrastructure costs, a 69% reduction in downtime, and 43% faster time to market for new features—for their SAP workloads.

With AWS for SAP, you can:

  • Migrate and modernize any SAP system with proven migration methodologies, purpose-built services, and expert support based on 15+ years of SAP customer success.
  • Innovate faster and transform your business by extending your SAP systems to 200+ AWS services—including tools designed from the best practices of Amazon’s global operations
  • Deliver new business insights to drive real-time visibility and better decision-making with the broadest set of storage, analytics, and machine learning services available anywhere.
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