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June 13 @ Come à la Maison restaurant (Luxembourg)
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In today’s volatile world, every organization is looking for ways to grow, transform their business digitally, be more agile & resilient, adapt to new situations, be more competitive and mitigate risks. Ultimately to reach their strategic business objectives.


It is SAP’s vision to support every organisation in their digital transformation journey to become an intelligent, networked, sustainable enterprise that delivers business and societal outcomes.  

A journey that requires accelerating on key themes: Profitable Growth, Operational Excellence, Customer Centricity, Employee Happiness, Sustainable Business, Data, Process and IT Excellence.


In 2023, we continue our Business Transformation Breakfast Series that we started in 2022 to inspire you on how you can drive, in an integrated manner your business transformation. During each breakfast session, we will serve you the right ingredients you should consider for your business transformation:

  • February 7: Drive key business outcomes through people sustainability
  • March 7: Protect your key Business Processes and Data with an integrated enterprise risk management strategy
  • March 28: Safeguard your transformation projects with an integrated application lifecycle management strategy
  • April 25: Reimagine Finance & Procurement for the digital age with cloud ERP
  • June 13: Operational excellence with cloud ERP in the digital age

Join us during our Business Transformation sessions and discover how you can strive to become an intelligent, networked, sustainable Enterprise. Enjoy a talk, a breakfast and lots of business inspiration at Come à la Maison (1 Rue Nicolas van Werveke, 2725 Luxembourg).

June 13, 2023
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Come à la Maison
1 Rue Nicolas van Werveke
2725 Luxembourg
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Audience: Business and IT professionals in the domains of sales, service, manufacturing, supply chain, maintenance and procurement

During the session, you will discover:

  • The latest and greatest of SAP’s cloud ERP
  • Testimonial by CSM Ingredients on their transformation journey
  • How you can grow profitable and transform your business with best-in-class industry specific best practice processes in sales, service, manufacturing, supply chain and procurement
  • How you can reduce manual effort, paper-based tasks and increase employee productivity through embedded intelligent automation, and exception-based actions with real time insights and alerts
  • How you can scale and realize efficiency gains with a future-ready digital foundation that unifies accounting data, automates business processes, and serves as a single source of truth across the business
  • How you can easily collaborate across various departments and locations
  • How you can extend the reach of ERP with network-based collaboration to improve supply assurance, source-to-pay efficiency, goods-in-transit visibility, logistics costs, ESG compliance and production up-time through a global network of trading partners
  • How SAP’s offering RISE with SAP enables your business transformation and transition to the cloud on-your-terms and on-your-timeline
  • The key topics to consider for your transition to cloud, consuming software-as-a-service



08:00    Welcome coffee
08:30    Keynote: Cloud ERP, the corner stone of your business transformation, powered by SAP’s unified, business-centric, open platform
09:00    CSM Ingredients transformation journey
09:30    Coffee break
09:45    Achieve operational excellence and profitable growth with Cloud ERP across different roles in the organization
10:30  Network-based collaboration with all trading partners in your supply chain
11:00    Closing
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