What will SAP be showcasing?


Discover how to Unlock the Intelligent Enterprise within your business with SAP’s combination of intelligent technologies, services, and industry expertise that can help you optimize your processes and resources – and ignite innovation in any area of your company and stay competitive on the digital age.
Discover SAP Leonardo at the SAP Stand. Discover SAP Cloud Platform and SAP’s Intelligent suite of applications. A complete program of showcases, presentations and customer events to learn from, interact and network with SAP executives and experts, customer and partners.

The Intelligent Entertainment Park

Powered by SAP Leonardo

Get an overview the Intelligent Enterprise with this living example of an intelligent entertainment park. SAP delivers the Intelligent Enterprise framework to help businesses run their administrative processes in an efficient and automated way, allowing them to focus on providing the ultimate customer experience. The digital platform – a key component of the Intelligent Enterprise foundation – collects and integrates data from assets, sensors, and internal systems as well as from external providers. Intelligent technologies enable the use of data to achieve the desired customer experience. See the Intelligent Enterprise in action at our intelligent entertainment park.

SAP Leonardo Blockchain

for the Supply Chain

Blockchain technology can generate tremendous value for the digital supply chain by solving various problems resulting from supply chain opaqueness and transactional inefficiencies. Visit our showcase to learn about blockchain and gain an appreciation of the business impact that SAP Leonardo blockchain and IoT technologies can have. See how state-of-the-art technology provides complete visibility over an end-to-end business ecosystem of soft beverages across two connected supply chains to enable tracking of fair trade from fruit on a farm to the soft drink in a consumer’s hand and of an electronic component from supply to a bottling machine’s manufacturing and delivery.


with SAP Leonardo and Apple

Hear how the SAP and Apple partnership delivers “design to operate” – an end-to-end scenario for the intelligent enterprise. See how an intelligent enterprise leverages SAP Leonardo technologies and Apple on-device technologies to react to and predict day-to-day business challenges, adapting all of its business processes – from design to manufacturing, sourcing, maintenance, and delivery.



SAP Digital Board Room

Powered by SAP Analytics

Visit SAP Digital Board Room on the Microsoft Surface Hub to explore the latest analytics-based management scenarios built directly from data produced in business processes in real time. Experience decision-making as you have never experienced it before. Give top decision makers real-time, digital-enterprise insight into integrated line-of-business data from SAP and third-party applications. With SAP Digital Boardroom, users can more readily monitor, simulate, and support business change to meet the expectations of your customers, business partners, and employees. See the board room of the future – today.

Rinspeed Snap Concept Car

Powered by Intelligent Mobile Technology from SAP

The Rinspeed SNAP car on display at the SAP stand illustrates the art of the possible. Mobile technology is no longer just about vehicles. Instead, it extends to any moving asset and involves the hardware, software, connectivity, processes, and services that meld the physical and digital. The result: new efficiencies and business models that intelligent enterprises are already benefiting from. SAP enables and optimizes such efficiencies and business models with its platform strategy – complementing physical products with digital solutions, maintaining seamless process flows, and implementing new business scenarios quickly and flexibly.

Smart Kicker

Powered by SAP Leonardo

Come to play table football and discover the possibilities offered by SAP Leonardo technologies in an interactive and humorous way. While you play with Smart Kicker, high-speed camera and computer vision data is collected, streamed, and analyzed in real time on SAP Cloud Platform. Using this information, the system creates profiles of the players that help the user understand an individual’s patterns of play and weaknesses and derive tactics, just as if this were a real game of soccer – and all in real time.



Customer Experience

with SAP C/4HANA

Are you mad about fitness as well as sports fashion apparel? Wouldn’t it be great if you could use your favorite brand’s mobile site to create the look you’d really like to have when running? Wouldn’t it be great if you could use a smart, machine-learning mirror to get style recommendations – like adding sports sunglasses? And what about your health? Wouldn’t it be great if you could maintain all your vital and medical health data and share it as you wish with counterparts like doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, universities, and brands – and engage with those counterparts to manage appointments and payments, or take part in campaigns being offered to focus groups by brands and other players? These are some examples of how you can manage total customer experiences for your business with SAP C/4HANA solutions. Experience them all by visiting this showcase at the SAP stand.

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