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Customer Experience is hot! More and more companies are paying attention to powerful customer experiences and investing in this domain. However, there must be a return on investment, so make sure that experiences matter. Let’s discuss how CX can be your engine for growth, and what goals you can achieve. Together with Gassan Diamonds, Versuni, and ForFarmers, we will discuss about the impact of powerful customer experiences.

Track 1: 

Digital vision of a Home Interior Design leader

Deli Home 

Hear about the digital vision of Deli Home, manufacturer and wholesaler of DIY and building materials in B2B and the umbrella organisation of well-known brands like CanDo, Bruynzeel, Lundia, Skantrae and Weekamp.


Track 2:

Adding the WOW factor in CX 


How does a healthcare provider realizes a unified customer experience across all brands and channels? Learn about Galenica's vision, what they achieved so far and their plan for the future. Galenica is the leading healthcare provider in Switzerland and an important player in the healthcare market.


Track 3:

Every Consumer a VIP with SAP
Maxim van Schijndel, SAP

A full insight into consumer behaviour is needed to drive innovation, personalization and sustainability. By bringing front and back office processes together, SAP CX ensures that the right products and services reach the consumer at the right time, with the right margins, while avoiding costs of returns and dissatisfied customers as much as possible. Learn what this technology can do for you.

Track 1: 

CX journey for a next gen streaming platform

Waterbear Network

Let's use media-rich storytelling to drive action and engage with our world in a positive way! Get inspired by WaterBear Network, the first interactive streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet. Discover more about their digital ambitions, omni-channel customer journey and how they leverage the SAP Emarsys AI-driven marketing engine.


Track 2:

A spicy mix of B2B and B2C Commerce for wholesale food

Heuschen & Schrouff 

Want to hear something spicy? Then listen to the B2B and B2C Commerce story of Heuschen & Schrouff Oriental Food, the leading distributor of Asian products in West Europe. It’s fascinating how this B2B food wholesaler can successfully run a B2C shop at the same time.


Track 3:

The best B2B customer experience with SAP

Wouter Erlings, SAP

The way of doing business in a B2B environment has changed dramatically. Customers have more choice and place higher demands on their suppliers. Therefore it is more important than ever to seamlessly align new digital channels and traditional sales activities.

Track 1: 

Enabling hyper-personalisation for luxury retail


Are you ready for a look in the world of upper-class retail? In this session, the world's most famous luxury department store Harrods give insight in their 360-degree customer view. Discover the specific wishes of the ‘super rich’.  Learn the value of single customer view, the influence of personalization on loyalty, the optimal tuning of CX solutions (functional and technical) and the measurable impact of (on- and offline) touchpoints in the total customer journey.


Track 2:

B2B Commerce & Marketing in a challenging market


Get some free advice from the world-known Digital practice of Deloitte how Commerce & Marketing in B2B can contribute as an enabler to address macro-economic challenges.


Track 3:

What’s cooking in CX

Ilse Moret, SAP

Curious about what's going on in CX? What are the latest trends, developments, innovations and what ingredients do you need to set up a successful Customer Experience? Be surprised by the different flavours in SAP CX!

Learn from Nestlé digital leadership how they innovate with B2B commerce to deliver a unified one-stop-shop experience for customers and distributors at a global level! Discover how the end-to-end capability drives significant efficiencies for Nestlé and its channel partners while also delivering vastly improved customer experience and loyalty.

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