Agenda - SAP NOW Oslo

We look forward to welcome you to SAP NOW Oslo. We have gathered a lot of interesting speakers, into an inspiring agenda you don’t want to miss. The agenda is continuously updated, and some speakers and presentations may be changed.

Please note that the agenda will be in local language, except for the sessions marked with English [EN]. However, the show floor offers great insights, demos and networks opportunities, that everyone can leverage and experience.


Dagens vertskap: Hanna Kielland Aalen og Kristoffer Lorentzen Epland.


SAP Norge General Country Manager Stefano Holguin på scenen.

Dr. Marc Teerlink

MBA/MBI, Global Vice President

SAP Intelligent Enterprise Solutions & Artificial Intelligence

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The 500 Hour Job: How Artificial Intelligence will impact the Future of Work

By 2024, intelligent technologies such as Artificial Intelligence will have been used to reinvent, digitize or eliminate 80% of tasks within business processes and products from two decades earlier. The expectation is that by 2030, more than 60% of jobs will have faced great changes, and whilst about 51% of jobs can be automated, less than 5% of jobs will be completely done by machines. This is an adjusted version of dr Marc Teerlink’s recent inspirational TED Talk on the choices that we face today in shaping how our society of human+machine will live, purpose and work within ten years.

Hauk Landsverk

Digital Direktør, Elkjøp


Elkjøp’s Next Generation Retail program.

As one of the most high profile retailers in the Nordics, Elkjøp is also at the forefront when It comes to customer experience and innovation. What is NGR? How is Elkjøp preparing for the future of retail?

Kevin Scott and customer

General Manager - Global and Strategic Business EMEA



Through a joined commitment Microsoft and SAP are building a Go To Market partnership (Embrace) to accelerate customer adoption of SAP S/4HANA and SAP Cloud Platform to Azure. This session will outline the content of the partnership and share insights how the two companies together support customers in their cloud transformation. Kevin Scott, Director Strategic Pursuit Team EMEA Microsoft, will illustrate the benefits of SAP on Azure by sharing insights and learnings of Microsoft’s own transformation, migration SAP to Azure, as well as other customer stories.

Henrik Cronebäck

Head of Nordic - Qualtrics Experience Management


Sally Winston

Head of EX Solutions Strategy EMEA at Qualtrics


How to win in the Experience Economy

In a world where experience is the new way of winning its critical for companies to think differently about how they engage with their customers and employees. The companies who are closing experience gaps are rising to the top. And those who ignore experiences are unknowingly dropping to the bottom. Why did SAP invest $8 billion dollars in a company from Utah? And how are Qualtrics and SAP coming together to create a new category called... Experience Management.

Aksel Lund Svindal

Investor, Author and former World Cup alpine skier


Hva må til for å bli best? Og alltid være et skritt foran konkurrentene?

Aksel mener selv at det fantastiske miljøet de klarte å bygge i alpinlandslaget har vært avgjørende for hans suksess, i kombinasjon med perfeksjonering i alle ledd; trening, utstyr, teknologi, restituering og forskning. Hvilke overføringsverdier kan vi ta med oss inn i næringslivet og vår egen ambisjon om å være best?

Jan Egeland



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Sustainability and the Global Refugee Crises

Environmental change is both a driver of conflict that displaces people as well as a consequence of mass displacement by conflict. Supply chains may have downstream consequences that drive conflict, or the exploitation of vulnerable people displaced by conflict. The Norwegian Refugee Council assists people displaced by conflict in over 30 countries worldwide and will talk about the relationship between sustainability and the global displacement crisis.

Per Løberg Eriksen

Sustainability Manager

Coop Norge


Jesper Schleimann

Digital Transformation Officer


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Beyond Tomorrow - Accelerating Sustainable business through impact transparency

Ta deg noe godt i glasset og la dagen synke på vår festival. Vi byr på litt mat, drikke, god musikk og stemning.

13:00 - 14:45
Fra innsikt til action: Innovasjon og teknologi
S/4HANA for ende-til-ende kjerneprosesser og full visibilitet
The Future of HR – Reimagining the Human Experience