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Single View of the Business
Understand every angle of your business and identify new opportunities with actionable insights into consumer trends. See how you can evaluate current category metrics of each product under the lens of the latest market trends. Explore how SAP can help optimize product line and shelf space to determine the most profitable course of action in response to the current trends.



Trusted Personalized Experiences
Leverage newfound customer insights to drive relevant personalized experiences and build new levels of loyalty that increase customer lifetime value and grow revenue. See how SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement and SAP Customer Data Platform together, build nuanced consumer profiles, that provide intelligent omni-channel experiences, creating hyper-personalized engagements at scale across all touchpoints from discovery to post-sales.

Unified Omnichannel Commerce
Drive profitable and sustainable e-commerce outcomes from discovery to delivery and beyond on the most robust, feature rich, and scalable commerce platform. Seize growth opportunities on-demand across different business models and identify, convert and retain the right customers by making the right decisions at the right moment by unlocking enterprise-wide data. Turn every customer engagement into an opportunity to delight be it online, offline or a mix of both with meaningful commerce experiences.

Resilient Supply Chain
Improve Supply Chain Planning and enabling faster response to disruption. Create an intelligent, connected, predictive, and sustainable supply chain that serves the consumers on their terms. Visit this demo to understand the planning and execution of domestic retail deliveries from DC/Micro-Fulfillment sites / Dark Stores to both stores and consumers.

Resilient and Sustainable Supply Networks

Improve Supply Chain Planning

Intelligent Returns Management
The new SAP Intelligent Returns Management is a returns optimization solution that provides a routing and dispositioning engine that guides returned products from the customers’ hands to the final dispositioning step, while algorithmically maximizing both profit margins and customer experience.

Engage Your Staff Like Never Before
Empower your staff to do what they do best, serve your shoppers. Follow a day in the life of several employees from a fictional retail chain to see how the right combination of insights and employee experience can result in a more engaged staff and a more profitable customer experience. See how managers are provided the proper tools, guidance, and motivation to effectively manage their teams from performance evaluation to managing turnover to embracing diversity through social recruitment.
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