Showcases at SAP booth
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Be Amazing Showcase
Experience an immersive and interactive approach to the Retail Store of Tomorrow powered by SAP.  ​

The Be Amazing Showcase bridges online and offline for a holistic shopping experience in a digital-first world. Portraying back-end activities for a front-end experience, SAP proves how you can optimize your business end-to-end! Dedicated experience tours for the fashion and grocery business let you explore a more efficient and sustainable retail industry.


Visit the SAP booth right at the main entrance to see first-hand how SAP redesigns the purpose, function and operating model of tomorrow’s stores. 

Customer Experience Coffee Bar ​

Passionate about your customer’s experience? See at the SAP booth coffee bar how SAP will help you to build optimized and unforgettable experiences for customers and grow revenue. Order your favorite coffee to your personal taste on the touch screen and wait for your individual order. Get your cup of coffee and relax… Enjoy! This could also be the memorable positive moment that connects your brand to your customers delight.

Customer Experience Coffee Bar



Emarsys, an SAP company, will show at NRF the customer engagement platform trusted by leading brands and innovative marketers across the globe. You will see how Gibson guitars use Emarsys marketing solutions to deliver unforgettable musical experiences. And you might win a Gibson guitar!

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