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Take the road to a new world of retail.

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The Road to a New World of Retail
With a single view of the business, learn how fashion and grocery retailers can gain greater customer trust, create more personalized offers, and become more unified across all commerce allowing their organizations to move from omnichannel to a customer adaptive approach.



Become a sustainable, intelligent enterprise by building sustainability directly into your core business processes. See how SAP's "Chasing Zero" on emissions strategy can benefit retailers' business bottom line while strengthening supply chains through a circular economy.

The Intelligent Store
Watch a walk-through of the intelligent SAP mart, and see how innovative, intelligent solutions from SAP and our partners are being used in the front and back office to satisfy the needs of today’s retail customers.

Retailers are looking for new ways to improve operational efficiencies and better serve their customers. SAP can help you transform your business through a combination of collaboration with innovative partners and new platforms with co-development input from our customer base.
Trigo and SAP

In a post-pandemic world, retailers are taking a serious look at radically transforming brick-and-mortar shops into intelligent stores. SAP S/4HANA Consumer Industries Cloud is partnering up with Trigo, a leader in building AI-powered infrastructure, to develop the Intelligent Store with key features like frictionless checkout and perpetual inventory.

Optimize Retail Store Operations Using Artificial Intelligence

Tackle the complexities of detecting out of compliance shelf inventory and associated labor shortages through advanced technologies and solutions backed by Artificial Intelligence. By determining corrective actions and aligning appropriate staff members with a prioritized task list, retailers can increase operational standards and customer satisfaction.

Feather by SAP

Feather by SAP is an end-to-end re-commerce solution for retailers who want to accelerate the shift from linear to circular business models by taking ownership over their re-commerce activities. It allows SAP customers to take back, manage, and resell pre-owned inventory as well as track key financial, customer, and sustainability performance indicators.

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