Supply Chain
Supply Chain
Create resilient and sustainable supply networks, improve supply chain planning, and enable faster response to disruption
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While perfect delivery is the goal, it’s a stream of continuously shared information from every process that helps optimize delivery results. The best product is worthless if it doesn’t get there.

Resilient Supply Chain


Improve Supply Chain Planning and enabling faster response to disruption. Create an intelligent, connected, predictive, and sustainable supply chain that serves the consumers on their terms. Visit this demo to understand the planning and execution of domestic retail deliveries from DC/Micro-Fulfillment sites / Dark Stores to both stores and consumers.

Resilient and Sustainable Supply Networks

Improve Supply Chain Planning
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Bringing A Smile to Your Final Mile

Last mile delivery is a high-touch and last-touch part of the experience. Yet, the delivery service is largely outsourced to third-party providers to represent your brand and delight your consumer. Consumers are frustrated and are demanding more choices, better experiences, and speed. These capabilities have been largely underdeveloped – until now.

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Find out how a leading Swiss retailer integrated intelligent technologies to improve its promotions demand forecasting, reducing waste and making shopping more sustainable while improving customer experiences.

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Build a Resilient
Supply Network

Learn how European grocer Salling Group used AI-supported forecasting and replenishment planning to build a resilient supply network that supported the company during times of disruption.

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Resilient Planning for the New Retail Environment

Learn how you can quickly sense planning deviations and diagnose situations in order to ensure you’re optimizing inventory, satisfying customers, maximizing revenue, and minimizing waste.


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Migros used automated supply chain forecasting and planning capabilities to satisfy customers with optimally stocked stores. 

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