Finance SIG Series - Drive intelligence across taxation, accounting & closing processes


Finance is moving and transforming quickly with every increasing need for fast, accurate data. Globally, there is a significant shift underway in the use of data for tax.


Locally, taxation authorities require businesses to positively demonstrate that they are paying the right amount of tax, including showing that they understand where the numbers come from and have tested they are correct.


That same data is also being used by management who recognise the value of insights that can be derived from tax data particularly in identifying risks and operational and cost efficiencies.
Auckland - 18th June 2019 - 8.30 am
Wellington - 19th June 2019 - 8.30 am

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Additionally, you need to be able to run fast, accurate, and automated closing processes – and simplify accounting for global operations.

Learn how to streamline everything from financial consolidation to compliance reporting and audits and see how leading CFOs are unlocking real value with SAP S/4HANA Finance and gaining a competitive edge. 

Financial Close – Account reconciliation and compliance 
Drive more accuracy in the financial close. Explore how you can quickly compare balances, investigate discrepancies and address your company’s risks, policies & procedures from an intuitive, unified workspace.
Taxation – Direct and Indirect tax compliance
In this session we will explore the current focus on data, controls and governance and discuss how different organisations are approaching the challenges and how SAP’s tax reporting products and services can assist you to meet regulatory expectations and produce valuable insights.
Cross Industry Card Management for SAP and Non-SAP Environments
The business case for in-memory ERP and accounting
Machine Learning in Accounting, real life use-case. Learn how you can unlock the information and business value contained in millions of records in your organisation.
Managing tax data and compliance in the current environment
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18th June 2019

8.30 am


151 Queen St,

Auckland, 1010,

New Zealand


19th June 2019

8.30 am


1 Willis St,

Wellington, 6011,

New Zealand

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