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Ziena Jalil

Independent Director, Inclusion Advocate, Strategic Advisor & Commentator


With a career ranging from diplomat to business leader to entrepreneur across New Zealand and Asia, Ziena is a staunch advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion. Ziena assumed leadership roles from a remarkably young age and has helped some of New Zealand’s largest businesses to build their reputation and revenue, advised Ministers, and supported the growth of Maori and Pacific young people in professional careers. Most recently Ziena was appointed to the Board of Education New Zealand, became a finalist for New Zealand Women of Influence awards, and was also recognised by Campaign Asia Pacific as part of its 2020 Women to Watch.

Judy O'Brien

Culture, Diversity & Inclusion Manager

New Zealand Rugby


Judy O’Brien leads the Culture, Diversity & Inclusion team at New Zealand Rugby to create great environments. This includes the implementation of NZR's Equity, Diversity and Inclusion strategy, and oversight of associated work programmes (Pasifika Engagement, Harm Prevention). She has 16 years of experience as an educator, entertainer and consultant working at the intersections of diversity, inclusion, primary prevention of interpersonal harm, and belonging.

Read more about Judy.

Madeleine McIntosh


NeuroLeadership Institute


Madeleine has over 30 years of Leadership Training, Coaching and Learning & Development experience. Partnering with executive groups and cross-functional international teams she has achieved learning outcomes with commercial impact for a broad range of organisations including some of the largest global professional services firms, leading financial corporations, and world-class technology companies. Madeleine's specialty is in the facilitation, delivery, and sustainment of change initiatives in service of individual and organisational development. She is passionate about applied neuroscience and how an understanding of the running of the human brain can support people to access their most resourceful states, become aware of new possibilities and realise their full potential.

Kate Tibbitts

Chief People Officer

Ministry of Education


With seven years in the role there is never a dull moment.  The Ministry is focused on the move to modern technology to enable their People Strategy outcomes and creating a great place to work.  Kate has a background in HR and Finance and her passion is organisational change through behaviour change.  Kate will tell you that the technical work is generally easy but sometimes people make it hard.  Kate has worked in transformational change programmes across NZ Government and sees that the next phase of change needs to be focused on modernising technology to enable easy HR processes and let HR people focus on the higher value work as a business partners.  Workforce planning, capability development, growing talent and planning succession should be the support we are offering.


Victoria Lyons

Agile Coach of Coaches | People, Culture and Ways of Working

Spark New Zealand


Victoria Lyons has been a part of Spark’s transformation journey for over 10 years, as the organisation transitions from a traditional telco, to a digital services company. In 2014, when Spark became one of the first large organisations in the world to completely flip to an Agile way of working, Victoria was at the forefront of this transition building collaborative, adaptive, and autonomous teams that continually challenged the status quo. Victoria has held a number of roles at Spark within the marketing and product teams, and is currently ‘Agile Coach of Coaches’ – leading Spark’s large Tribe of Agile coaches, who work with  people and squads to find innovative ways of meeting customers’ needs, while continuing to adapt to  ever-changing business landscape.  

Tina Lundkvist

Head of People Analytics



Tina, has a strong passion for people, innovative technologies, data and insights. Tina works for Fonterra, a global dairy coorporation. Enjoying a number of roles in insights and visualisation, data transformation and systems deployment. Currently working on deploying SAC in SuccessFactors.   Tina has a background in finance and banking in UK and NZ. 

Ange Rowe

HRIS Manager



Ange Rowe leads the HR Systems and Information team at AgResearch to ensure their SuccessFactors footprint is optimised, managed and maintained to meet the needs of the business now and into the future.  Her role has evolved after successfully implementing an additional 8 modules, including EC Payroll.  Ange has significant experience across operational practice and processes in both HR and Payroll and is relishing the new challenges that come with an extended footprint and an everchanging technology and organisational landscape.

Ben Choo

People Analytics and Systems Manager

Genesis Energy


Ben is a People Analytics and Systems Manager with over a dozen HR-related system implementations and integrations under his belt. Using tools like Excel, SharePoint, and Power BI, he has then helped companies gain insight from the data captured in the systems.  He’s known around the office as the person who has too many hobbies and isn’t afraid to tell things like it is.

Jonathan Weusten

HR Reporting & Information Analyst

Christchurch City Council


Jonathan has been at Christchurch City Council for the past 7 years as an HR Analyst. Jonathan has been working on Council’s Holidays Act Remediation Project since December 2020 and was seconded full time as a HR Subject Matter Expert in February 2021. Jonathan has held prior Analyst roles in HR, Finance & IT across the Private, Public & NGO sectors. Outside of work, Jonathan also volunteers at his Church to help with their HR & Payroll requirements. 


David Ludlow

Group Vice President for Solution Management

SAP SuccessFactors


David Ludlow leads a team focused on the identification of market trends and the development of solution strategies and priorities that span the SAP SuccessFactors’ Human Experience Management (HXM) suite of solutions.  His team works with customers, partners, industry analysts, and development to ensure SAP is delivering the best HXM solutions for its customers.  David has been with SAP for over 20 years and has more than 25 years of experience in the HR solution space.  David was named one of the Top 100 Tech Influencers by HRE and the HR Technology Conference in 2019.

Jess Moore

Director of Strategy

SAP SuccessFactors ANZ


Having joined the SAP SuccessFactors team in 2019, Jess is a people professional with a range of experience across leadership, people technology projects and risk management roles.

Jess holds a Bachelor of Science and is a certified Gallup Strengths coach and Life Styles Inventory practitioner. Jess is passionate about developing meaningful strategies that deliver sustainable business outcomes and transformation.

Dr. Lauren S. Park

HR Research Scientist, Growth and Insights

SAP SuccessFactors


Dr. Lauren S. Park joined SAP in 2019 and is currently a Research Scientist on the SAP SuccessFactors Growth and Insights team. She conducts applied mixed-method research on workforce psychology topics in partnership with SAP SuccessFactors clients to support SAP SuccessFactors product and portfolio growth strategy. Lauren has provided consultation to organizations around the world on a variety of topics, including employee engagement, technology adoption, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Lauren completed a dual-emphasis doctorate in Industrial/Organizational and Quantitative Psychologies at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. Lauren’s areas of expertise include diversity, equity, and inclusion policies and practices; learning and development; interpersonal relationships at work; and employee experience.s.

Steve Bennetts

Head of EX Strategy and Solutions, Asia-Pacific & Japan



Steve is the Head of EX Strategy and Solutions for Qualtrics in APJ, leading a team of specialists in guiding organisations to optimise the Employee Experience at every point in the employee lifecycle. He is one of the region’s most experienced EX specialists having played a crucial role in launching and developing the XM category in APJ. Steve specialises in EX and human-centred technologies. As businesses and governments rethink the ways they work for a post-pandemic world, Steve brings 20 years’ of experience as a qualified business psychologist helping organisations design and improve their employee experiences.

Trent Wai-Poi

HXM Value Advisor APJ

SAP SuccessFactors


Trent is passionate about the impact of technology on people transformation.  He can help organisations understand the impact of  Technology, People, and Process to ensure strategy and benefits are aligned to any digital transformation.  Trent uses his 20+ years in HR leadership, strategy and HR technology roles, along with leadership roles in private sector, public sector and vendors to provide a unique insight into HR technology.

Katherine Truman

Local Product Manager

SAP Globalisation Services


Katherine has lived and breathed payroll for nearly 30 years.  She is SAP’s “New Zealand Local Product Manager”, ensuring that SAP’s HCM solutions stay up to date with New Zealand’s ever changing legislative and business requirements.  She is a key industry representative, who has been a member of various Inland Revenue and MBIE working groups and is currently a member of the “Better Rules’ working group set up to work on the Holiday Act Taskforce recommendations.  Katherine has been involved with numerous HR and Payroll implementations and continues to provide her expertise to customers and partners alike.


Jessica Moore, Director of Strategy, SAP SuccessFactors ANZ


With a constantly evolving world where work and life has collided, how we are changing work for good is front and centre. Join us for our opening conversation to gain insight into the direction of SAP SuccessFactors business and key trends that are shaping both our people and solution strategy.


Ziena Jalil, Independent Director, Inclusion Advocate, Strategic Advisor & Commentator


Leaders today face incredible change, complexity and uncertainty. What is considered good leadership has also evolved over time. But with challenge comes opportunity. The opportunity for leaders to restore trust and inspire hope. The opportunity to inspire and influence positive change. Learn about the role of diversity in leading during uncertain times, and strategies you can apply to lead. 


Kate Tibbits, Chief People Officer, Ministry of Education of New Zealand

Victoria Lyons, Agile Coach of Coaches | People, Culture and Ways of Working Spark New Zealand

Jess Moore, Director of Strategy, SAP SuccessFactors ANZ


The expectations of today’s workforce have pushed the boundaries of the concept of employee engagement way past just designing, managing, or even automating people processes. The focus has shifted the paradigm to creating an out-of-the-box employee-centric environment where employees can thrive on change and are empowered to collectively achieve shared goals.


In this panel you will learn how to:

  • Tackle complex challenges impacting their employees on a day-to-day basis
  • Maximise engagement irrespective of where employees work
  • Embrace employee-centric culture


Steve Bennetts, Head of Growth & Strategy - Employee Experience Solutions, Qualtrics APJ


Your employees have changed. The pivot to remote and hybrid work has accelerated a new take on what it means to be an employee – and disrupted what employees expect when it comes to employer flexibility, work-life balance, well-being, and workplace safety. Because of all these shifts with your people and what they want from work, adapting how you measure success in your employee experience is critical in a new world of working. Tune in to hear Steve touch on exclusive employee insights on the ANZ Trends we are seeing around employee expectations, and the critical need for organisations to have a balanced scorecard that captures the moments that matter for their employees, in order to drive future business success.


In this session you'll learn: 

  • Exclusive insights on trust in leadership, intent to stay, employee wellbeing and growth and development across ANZ. 
  • Practical insights and frameworks from our new EX25 methodology to build a successful Employee Experience program.


David Ludlow, Group Vice President for Solution Management, SAP SuccessFactors

Lauren S. Park, PhD, HR Research Scientist, Growth and Insights, SAP SuccessFactors 


In this session, Dr. Lauren S. Park and David Ludlow will share original research findings on some of the key trends impacting HR today and provide insights on innovations in the SAP SuccessFactors roadmap that enable customers to execute on these trends.


Ben Choo, People Analytics and Systems Manager, Genesis Energy

Tina Lundkvist, Head of People Analytics, Fonterra

Trent Wai-Poi, HXM Value Advisor, SAP


Whilst the war for talent rages across the globe, New Zealand is faced with a similar talent shortage dilemma and is constrained by increasing pressures due to geography, local policies, as well as limited professional migration. Despite this struggle, acquiring talent from outside might not be always the right solution. Your best employee may also be your current employee. How do you identify, retain, and develop your best asset? 


Join this panel from leading New Zealand organisations, such as Genesis Energy and Fonterra to learn: 

  • What strategies did they incorporate to identify and advance their internal talent 
  • How they prioritise engaging a future-ready workforce 
  • How do they bring people on the journey of sustainable business practices  


Madeleine McIntosh, Consultant, NeuroLeadership Institute


High levels of burnout and employee discontent in organisations have accelerated the need for retention strategies. But just being sustainable won’t cut it. Companies asking, “How can we retain our top talent and not burn people out?” are focused only on the survival of a depleted workforce. Organisations need to think about their talent practices being similar to regenerative farming where every year the land gets more bio-diverse and more productive. This approach is going to become more prevalent in 2022 as organisations realise they need to create environments that enrich their people’s lives if they want to keep talent — particularly since top talent is now extremely mobile.


In this 30 minute from NeuroLeadership Institute, learn:

  • The neuroscience behind cognitive capacity and burnout
  • Techniques to support teams to thrive through change and feel supported to grow


Ange Rowe, HRIS Manager, AgResearch 

Katherine Truman, Product Manager, SAP SuccessFactors

Jonathan Weusten, HR Reporting & Information Analyst, Christchurch City Council


Australia and New Zealand are both faced with a constantly evolving employment law landscape.  The Holidays Act in New Zealand is particularly complex and Fair Pay agreements could add yet another component to compliance.  On top of this, employees are demanding more flexibility in their working arrangements.  This has triggered compliance to move up in HR’s day-to-day agenda, and to be able to navigate it at ease is often particularly challenging. 


In this session, the panellists will discuss how they navigate this ever-changing landscape.


Judy O’Brien, Culture, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, New Zealand Rugby


Equity, Diversity & Inclusion are critical enablers of success for high performing teams. Rugby plays a significant role in the culture of Australia & New Zealand, but what role does culture play in Rugby?


This keynote will speak to:

  • The journey New Zealand Rugby is on to bring diversity and inclusion to life both on and off the rugby field
  • The power of culture & inclusion as strategies for engaging your stakeholders; and
  • How a framework of values is essential to building purpose and belonging into organisational culture.


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