Business Processes Open Lecture 2023/24

Thursday, 19 October 2023 – Thursday, 28 March 2024




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Join the Business Processes Open Lecture 2023/24!


Are you a student or professor who wants to learn how companies run their business? How data drives decision making? How complex interdependencies can be understood in real time? If so, the SAP “Business Processes Open Lecture” is for you!


Join us for our open lecture kick-off on October 19, 2023, 5 p.m. – 6.30 p.m. CEST.


You will have the opportunity to network with other students and professors around the globe, form virtual learning teams, self-study along a state-of-the-art SAP Learning Journey, and the unique chance to earn a corresponding SAP industry certification (TS410)! This SAP certification is very valuable as most large companies are SAP customers!


The best part: the event and certification is free of charge exclusively for lecturers and students.




About the Open Lecture


The Open Lecture is hosted by SAP University Alliances, in close collaboration with University of Mannheim & SOA People. The series will cover 21 virtual sessions, including: 


Lectures — where highlights from the Learning Journey are explained and discussed in an interactive manner

Self-study Phases — take place between lectures. You can learn at your own pace, alone or with your teammates who can support you if needed. 

Checkpoints — serve to clarify technical questions. 

Special sessions — you will also learn first-hand from an SAP partner and an SAP customer what it is like to be a business process expert with solid SAP knowledge.

Course Overview


In total, you will need to invest about 100 hours of time over the 23-week period. Those consist of 32 hours for virtual sessions via Zoom (i.e. lectures, checkpoints, partner and/or client sessions) and about 68 hours for self-study including exercises and theoretical concepts in a real SAP S/4HANA cloud live-system.

During this period, you will travel along two exciting SAP Learning Journeys, which will give you insights into business processes and how SAP supports them with its solutions (e.g., SAP S/4HANA).


The aim is to prepare all participants for certification, which can be obtained voluntarily at the end of the Open Lecture (exam required). Participants will receive a record of achievement. We recommend receiving 6 ECTS (or equivalent) for the successful participation (passing the certification exam). Of course, every participant may present the course content and structure to their lecturer and request credits.




  • Enrollment as a student or as a lecturer at a global college/university throughout the event period
  • Academic email address - Registration without an academic email address will only be accepted in exceptional cases* 
  • Registration with Latin letters only allowed
  • High level of motivation
  • Desire to build a global academic network
  • And of course, a lot of fun and enjoyment in learning about business processes... and possibly starting your career within the SAP ecosystem!


*If none is available, you can also register with a private email by presenting a certificate of enrolment or other proof that you are a student or professor. In this case, please contact the team.

Why learn SAP skills?

SAP is the world's largest provider of enterprise application software with plenty of career opportunities! Did you know that SAP has over 200 million subscribers in its cloud user base? And that 87% of total global commerce is generated by SAP customers? That means SAP skills are in demand, and not only SAP, but also our customers and partners are looking for trained talents. Will you be that talent? Start learning and get certified with us for free!


Catherine Kim

The University of Texas at Dallas


"As someone who is relatively new to ERP, SAP S/4HANA and technical consulting, I found the innovative and interactive shared learning environment to be very beneficial. The instructors have a talent for explaining complex ideas in a way that is easy to understand, which was especially helpful for me given my limited technical knowledge and experience. What I liked most was the opportunity to hear from guest speakers and ask questions, which helped me to gain a better understanding of the material with testimonials of their real-world use cases. After taking this course, I am more confident in my pathway towards becoming a technical consultant and excited to join local SAP user communities."

Isabel Benoit

Management Center Innsbruck


"This course provided an outstanding platform for gaining technical knowledge about ERP, SAP S/4 HANA while fostering a collaborative learning environment. From guest lectures to self-study parts and answer sessions, providing me with valuable insigths and new perspectives. The experts brought a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the table, enriching our understanding. I enjoyed the interactive approach as it created a vibrant atmosphere that fostered meaningful discussions and enhanced our learning journey. Overall, I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this course and look forward to implementing the knowledge gained in my professional endeavors."


Maria Kontopanou

Agricultural University of Athens


"My academic and professional background is on the fields of Food Science and Technology and Agri-food Supply Chain Management, so I lacked some basic knowledge on Economics and Accounting. This, combined with the fact that I have little experience using SAP, made me concerned about fully understanding all the lectures and being able to catch up with the lecturers. 


Even from the first lectures, Michael made me feel very comfortable. He is a person with a very positive attitude, that inspired me a lot during the lectures. He was explaining the targets and structure of every meeting in such a simple and breezy way, that I did not see the lectures as a strict teaching and information sharing procedure, but as an opportunity to communicate with insightful people who can help me gain knowledge on understanding and using SAP. He was always so understanding and willing to help with everything during the Open Lectures.

Tamas was a real saviour with his lectures and explanations on all chapters. He was willing to explain everything, from the basics till the most complicated things around the use of SAP. His lectures were very useful during my studying and the answers he was giving to all of us were always on point. He was always happy to understand and reply to our questions and made me feel free to ask anything that crossed my mind during studying and practising SAP. Tamas is a person that I would definitely trust in order to ask for help during the next steps in my career.


Stefanie had helped all of us with any practical issues during the lectures. I didn't have any problems during these months regarding my access so I did not have the oportunity to cooperate with Stefanie in this part. She was also very helpful with the formulation of the working groups and always available for any questions.


In conclusion, the SAP Open Lectures were a unique kind of experience for me. I have learned a lot of new information and received great guidance during this first journey of mine with SAP. The recording of lectures and the accessible learning zone have given me the opportunity to go through all the lectures more than once and understand their content deeply. I feel grateful for having the opportunity to meet and work with this incredible team of lecturers and I hope we can work together again in the future."


Aggeliki Kostaki

Athens University of Economics & Business


"A critical benefit of these lectures was the real business case studies demonstrated by selected companies which combined with the noble and continuous support of our instructors Dr. Michael Nürnberg, and Dr. Tamas Szirtes added value to the efforts of our students.


From my perspective, as an SAP instructor (for AUEB), apart from our instructors I especially appreciated the constant support of Stefanie who was there for me whenever and however many times I needed her.


Last but not least (definitely countable), was the opportunity for every student to sit for a certification exam on TS410.


And, please take a good note: all the above are free of charge!


Our students and I are looking forward to the next cycle of SAP Open Lectures."

About SAP University Alliances

The SAP University Alliances program enables academia to educate the next generation for the Intelligent Enterprise and the experience economy, engage at SAP events, build industry partnerships, and prepare graduates for the SAP ecosystem. The program enables educators to teach hands-on with SAP technology at a university, participate in strategic research activities to build high-impact collaborations to educate the leaders of tomorrow, as well as foster close partnerships with the academic community through regional academic boards and educational institutions worldwide.

Meet the Hosts
Dr. Michael Nürnberg
Global Director
SAP University Alliances Partner Success
Dr. Tamas Szirtes
Group Innovation Director
SOA People
Prof. Dr. Christoph Bode
Endowed Chair of Procurement
University of Mannheim
Our Contributors
Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Scheruhn
Harz University of Applied Sciences
Dr. Christiane Kubach
Executive Communications
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Global Lead Marketing & Communications
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Solution Advisor
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