SAP Partner Utility Week 2021

Virtual Utilities webcasts

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(live: November 15-19, 2021)

What is it about?
We are delighted to announce our SAP Partner Utility Week 2021. For the 2nd time this premier customer-focused, virtual event will cover the key opportunities: Service, Customer, Energy & Markets, Assets and Innovation Technology presented by SAP in close cooperation with our Global Industry Partners:
Accenture, EY, Atos, Deloitte and Infosys 
We will present the Utility industry context & joint challenges demonstrating their insights and with SAP Utility solutions, the capabilities to jointly meet and exceed client expectations.
  • Each day one partner takes over the lead together with SAP sharing insights, experience and success covering startegic topics like RISE and Industry Cloud
  • Industry opportunity overview demonstrating live how success has been  achieved per area
  • Live interaction with panels and speaker Q&As per session with SAP, Partner & Utilities
  • Each day will include an overview of partner utility solutions & live demonstration with a customer reference.
  • Recordings for later review of presentations and solutions available to registered participants
We are bringing the best of SAP Utility Industry solutions, our leading global partners Industry innovations together for you to benefit from the joint learnings and business benefits that have been achieved.
In the following partner synopsis you get an overview what you can expect.
Agenda Overview
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The energy transition is challenging utilities to enhance and expand their existing service offering to meet changing customer expectations.

But what does it take to move from utility to energy service provider?

Join us as we share Accenture and SAP’s vision for developing a service-led industry capable of delivering an enriched customer experience, and explore real-world insights into the practicalities and possibilities of true transformation with learnings from utilities across the world.

Visit the Accenture website to find our more.

The energy transition is underway with utility companies experiencing fundamental change at pace. A central feature is their changing relationship with customers, who are expecting an enhanced digital experience with more control over their consumption and interactions.

Register for the EY Customer Day where we’ll showcase how we utilize SAP technologies, together with a suite of complementary EY solutions, to support this transformation and help deliver tangible business outcomes now, next and beyond. The session will cover:

  • Trends shaping the utility customer landscape
  • Examples of how the latest SAP technologies can drive an enhanced customer experience
  • Demonstrations of EY tools and solutions 
  • Case studies from EY clients

Sustainability is now critical for every forward-thinking business. For Energy and Utility companies it has become an absolute priority. Unequivocal and demonstrable commitment to sustainability must underpin every aspect of operations, customer engagement, and retention. As long-term business and technology partners, Atos and SAP share a commitment to help organizations derive immediate and continuing benefits from data-driven approaches.

In this event, Atos will reveal the practices, methods, and technologies that have made it the first choice for leading utility companies pursuing sustainability through digital innovation.

We are glad to welcome some of our customers who will share their own experiences of implementing data-driven initiatives for sustainable utilities.

Deloitte is delighted to sponsor the “Asset” transformation day on November 18 during the SAP Partner Utility Week 2021. Join us as we present utility client case studies and demos to showcase the various approaches that utilities can take to modernize their asset management capabilities. Beginning with Asset Performance Strategy using Intelligent Asset Management (IAM) or identifying use cases that take advantage of a connected ecosystem on Cloud, using Machine Learning and the latest in data visualization. These capabilities can enable real-time decision making, speedup adaptability, and drive a comprehensive asset strategy that optimizes asset performance.

Session Summary – Charting a Course of Continuous Innovation for Utilities

Join us for a series of webinars that explore how strategic solutions can help utility companies leverage intelligent solutions that enable a decarbonized future as well as improved CX, regulatory compliance, and cost optimization. Together, the webinars cover:

  • Infosys’ visionary approach towards energy transition enabled by our Digital Energy Orchestrator through industry-specific solutions that support sustainability
  • A walkthrough of Infosys Intelligent solutions, part of SAP industry cloud for Utilities, enabling utility customers accelerate their digital transformation and enable Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Panel discussion on how Infosys and Nexant implemented iEnergy for SCE encouraging customers to reduce energy consumption
  • Interesting use cases for SAP Intelligent Asset Management to support digital journeys for utility companies
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