Prezentări & Documente | SAP NOW Bucharest 2019

SAP NOW 2019, București

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Fashion Labs

FashionLabs is a consumer app using visual search powered by context driven services.  This prototype shows how S/4HANA can integrate with C/4HANA to connect the demand chain with supply chain.


On a web store, the user can upload an image to trigger a visual search. Clothing items in the image will be identified and highlighted. Clicking on these bounding boxes will trigger a visual search for similar products. To inspire the user, fashion/style pictures from influencers, including similar products or cross sells, will be displayed on product detail pages. As these pictures are also enhanced with the visual search possibilities, an endless loop of discovery could potentially start from here. By using this search (powered by context driven services), the system learns about the user’s preferences in terms of styles, patterns, textures, etc. and will present only relevant content.


 The web store functions as kind of a platform for influencers and marketers. As search interactions on posted pictures are analyzed, influencers and marketers will understand the performance of contributed posts, resulting purchases, demanded styles, trends, and users’ fashion interests.