From design to operate Get customer-centric products to market faster and at less cost – with smart production technology from SAP. Our intelligent solutions support advanced automation and predictive processes to help you maximize efficiency and responsiveness. They work together to provide visibility across your entire

Digital supply chain solutions from SAP enables companies to gain new insights, make predictions and instantly adapt in an agile supply chain that extends to customers and supplier networks.

The 7 C’s of Supply Chain Automation:
  • Connected with internal & external operations
  • Collaborative with partners & customers
  • Compliant with track-and-trace throughout internal, partner & customer operations
  • Cognitive with real-time machine learning insights across internal & external operations
  • Cyber-aware with security protection against supply chain data & system vulnerabilities
  • Capable with integrated applications supported by reliability resilience completeness leveraging in-memory architecture
  • Complete with support for ERP industry and line-of-business requirements in harmony


Connect Digitally to Perfect Reality for Asset Management


SAP Intelligent Asset Management solutions enable digital transformation of asset management using machine learning and real-time data from IoT-enabled smart assets to bring intelligence to your entire supply chain.


You can continuously improve processes and predict outcomes, collaborate across networks and offer differentiated service, while generating new revenue streams and developing new ways to compete and disrupt your industry.


ON24 webinars - On Demand Bring Intelligence Across Your Supply Chain with Intelligent Asset Management


Digital Transformation of Asset Management

Learn more about the digitalization of asset management. Explore the road map for simplifying processes, running asset management efficiently, and accelerating growth for your organization by turning Big Data into information, enabling information transparency throughout the entire asset lifecycle.  Download the Document


SAP Enterprise Asset Management Whiteboard Video

If you're looking to improve the health of your assets, increase collaboration, and dramatically accelerate performance, turn to SAP Enterprise Asset Management.

SAP Integrated Business Planning Dashboard


A demo of the dashboard features SAP Integrated Business Planning


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