Enabling A New World


Join us at LEAP 2023 to experience new innovative world realties enabled by SAP.


Date: 6 to 9 February 2023
Location: Riyadh Front Expo Centre, Saudi Arabia
Booth number: H1.J10 

Enabling A New World: Towards Greater Innovation, Inspiration and Excellence


As a leading software and technology solutions provider in the region, SAP is aptly positioned to steward technological leadership and shape global perspectives on what the future of tech holds. We envision a planet and society rife with limitless technological possibilities through our theme of ‘Enabling the New World’ at LEAP’23. This entails building a pipeline of innovation-led human successes and nurturing collaborative synergies across key technologies to craft a resilient technological future. As a strategic sponsor at LEAP, SAP foresees yet another series of ground-breaking achievements through insightful discussions, enterprising actions, and captivating keynote speeches.

Are you ready to LEAP into new worlds built on imaginations and aspirations?


LEAP is where progress is accelerating most and cutting-edge technologies are adopted first. This is your chance to make history by attending the second edition of the world's largest debut tech event. SAP’s participation at LEAP’23 is focused on uncovering the innate and expansive potential of emerging technologies in spheres of HealthTech, Future Energy, 4IR, Retail, and Creative Economy among others. Join us at LEAP 23 to explore and experience new world realties enabled by SAP software and technology solutions.

SAP’s “Enabling A New World” key dimension:

Harness robust sustainable innovation to build future cities of limitless possibilities.

Leverage sophisticated green technologies to thrive in a net zero future. 

Deploy frontier tech to achieve automation-driven cost control across finance functions.

Empower healthcare providers with intelligent tools to elevate the patient experience.

Connect with industry experts and tech pioneers to take the next leap in AI innovation.

Create next-level value in knowledge-based economic using advanced technologies.

Exploit converging technologies to generate sustainable value across heavy industries.

Use transformative technologies to broaden the world’s access to quality education.

Foster human progress ethically and sustainably with the aid of emerging technologies.

Embed intelligence in retail to deliver convenient and customized shopping experiences.

Gain exceptional mentorship on future innovation, inclusive growth & the new digital world.

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