Evening Event

Conference participants are invited to join us for dinner on the terrace, where Deloitte Consulting, our sponsoring partner, will welcome faculty to the evening event and set the stage for Tanya DanceKelley’s Thursday morning keynote presentation. 

Wednesday morning keynote speaker Don Norman, University of California, San Diego, will share his impressions from the day and prepare us for the evenings activity - a memorable interactive networking activity facilitated by Late Nite Art

The fast-paced interactive activity merges art, music, community and dessert. It is a quick and easy way to spark creative thinking, inspire new ideas and encourage collaboration – and is the perfect end to a day focused on human-centered design. 

A special thanks to our sponsoring partner Deloitte Consulting.

Check back for updates as our team prepares for a great evening!

* SAP policy states no one under the age of 21 is permitted at evening event if alcoholic beverages are served.



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