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Research Posters

1. Michael Bliemel, “Examining the Hybris Omni-Channel Retail System Configurations in use by Canadian Retailers”

2. Akshay Bhagwatwar, Hillol Bala and Bipin Prabhakar, “Can My Team Help? Role of Team Variables in Predicting IT-Enabled Process Performance for Complex Enterprise System Processes”

3. Emil Boasson and Vigdis Boasson, “ERP/SAP Systems Investments and the Market Value of the Firm”

4. Bih-Ru Lea, “Impact of Device Type, Demographics, and Computer Knowledge on Effectiveness and Efficiency of Enterprise Visual Analytic Applications”

Teaching Innovation Posters

1. Marianne Bradford and Tom Case, “Using SAP UA Resources to Reinforce ERP Concepts in Modern ERP 3e

2. James F. Kimpel, “How to Utilize Hands-On In-Class Process Flowcharts to Derive ERP Principles”

3. Nancy J. Lambe, “Application of the Water Distribution Game in Finance/Accounting Courses”

4. Jack Crumbly, “Implementing ERPSim in Production Operations Management: A Collaboration with SAP Project Propel, and ERPSim”

5. Bernd Böckenhoff, "Smart Learning and Matching in the Digital Age"

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