10th SAP Academic Conference APJ
July 3-6, 2018, Brisbane, Australia
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The 2018 SAP Academic Conferences bring together faculty, partners and stakeholders globally to hear the latest insights on digital innovation with SAP; explore new opportunities with the SAP University Alliances, SAP Next-Gen, and SAP Young Thinkers programs; and join a global “Innovation with Purpose” movement to enable the next generation social entrepreneurs and business leaders who will shape a purposeful future and accelerate achieving the 17 UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development.


Hear how SAP Next-Gen Chapters are academic centers of excellence supporting other educational institutions in the global SAP Next-Gen/University Alliances/Young Thinkers network with:

    •   hosting local/regional trainings for faculties of other educational institutions

    •   developing together with SAP University Alliances new academic curriculum on the latest SAP technologies

    •   conducting events showcasing academic thought leadership on Mode 1 and Mode 2 IT

    •   connecting SAP skilled students and graduates to industry partners recruiting SAP skilled early talent

    •  fostering student startups using SAP technologies

    •   linking student projects to “innovation with purpose” to showcase next generation business models, app designs, and prototype solutions using SAP and partner technologies that can accelerate achieving one or more of the 17 UN Global Goals


Gain insights on the latest educational offerings from SAP University Alliances. Through a blended learning model, faculty and students access SAP learning assets covering both Mode 1 IT (system of record with SAP core solutions) and Mode 2 IT (digital innovation with SAP Leonardo), available through UA including faculty developed curriculum, openSAP, and SAP Learning Hub. UA partners globally with University Competence Centers (UCCs) which provide low cost peer hosting of SAP classroom systems. Academic Competence Centers (ACCs) provide localization services and support for faculty in collaboration with the UCCs. Both UCC and ACC leaders, as well as other faculty leaders in the global UA network, support the community with curriculum and train-the-trainer instruction delivered through both onsite sessions and virtual sessions. These resources enable professors and lecturers to provide students with hands-on SAP experience as part of their classroom education so they can better connect concepts to practice, prepare for SAP certifications, and enhance their career opportunities in the SAP ecosystem.


Hear the latest insights on SAP Leonardo, SAP’s digital innovation system, which integrates breakthrough technologies and runs them seamlessly in the cloud. Gain insights you can share with students about how SAP develops empathy with customers through design thinking, and enables customers to use SAP Leonardo technologies such as IoT, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Analytics to accelerate their purpose driven digital transformation.

Who Attends?



Who's Coming to the SAP Academic Conferences in 2018?


Professors, Lecturers, Teachers and Academic Researchers in the Know. And Those Who Want to Know.


The 2018 SAP Academic Conferences bring together teaching and research faculty from across the globe to learn and engage in new opportunities with the SAP University Alliances, SAP Next-Gen, and SAP Young Thinkers programs. Attendees come from many academic disciplines.



Information Systems, Marketing, Operations & Supply Chain Management, Sustainability Management, Business Informatics, Digitalization, IT strategy, innovation, and business value.


Computer Science 

Mobile app development, Web app development, Databases, Complex software systems, Enterprise platforms and integration, Internet technologies and systems, System analysis and modeling, Software architecture, Knowledge discovery and data mining.



Design Thinking, Human-computer interaction, Wearable computing, Social design, Engineering design innovation practice and education.



Business model innovation, Social entrepreneurship, University startups accelerators, Next generation tech innovation.


Cross Disciplinary Programs

Multi-disciplinary programs focused on purpose driven innovation supporting the 17 UN Global Goals, bringing together insights from faculties and students in business, engineering and computer science, design, entrepreneurship and other disciplines.


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