SAP Berlin Events

3rd March 2020    Digital Cabinet Room

16th March 2020    Digital Analytics Meetup

19th March 2020    SAP Now

As part of the dynamic and vibrant ecosystem of the Berlin region, SAP Berlin is a driver for exchange, connection, and collaboration. We support and host events for developers, data scientists, startups, partners, change makers, and all kinds of innovators in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. With the SAP Data Space and the SAP AppHaus, we also offer unique and stimulating working environments for workshops and other formats.


Mo-Fri 10 am - 4 pm
Shared time is the best time! The DATA SPACE by SAP provides a place where you can eat, have a drink together, and network in a stimulating and innovative environment. We want to take it up a notch so you can profit even more from our location in the heart of Berlin.
What’s new? Come in with your colleagues and friends after work for a nice closing of the work day on Thursday and Friday nights! Enjoy some drinks and freshly prepared food.
Remember that you can preorder and pay your meal via the website and app throughout the whole day.
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