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Intelligent Spend & Business Network
What everyone should know about SAP Business Network
Out of the Silos: How to achieve n:n collaboration with suppliers, shippers, and logistics providers through one single digital connection.
Join us for the SAP Business Network User Group event where customers and subject matter experts will share insights and best practices for driving measurable business improvement with the SAP Business Network.

Why Should You Attend?


By attending this event, you will gain the following insights on how the SAP Business Network can bring value to your business and to your trading partners.


SAP Business Network will provide transparency across your supply chain driving value by delivering

  • End to end transactional automation
  • Supply Chain Resiliency
  • Optimized Logistics and Warehouse Management


Hear from a customer on how the SAP Business Network is used to improve their business operations.


Get insights on innovative business outcomes that you can deliver to your organization.

Who should attend?
  • Information Technology Executives and Architect
  • VP/Director/Managers of Supply Chain
  • Material Planner, Quality Manager
  • Plant Managers, Asset Operators, MRO
  • Procurement & Finance professional
  • Accounts Payable & Shared Services Professionals
Time Duration Details
3 pm CEST 5 Min


Tania Dinnendahl, Executive Liaison Manager – SAP User Groups

3:05 pm CEST 10 Min

Words of Welcome

Thomas Santacroce, VP SAP Business Network

3:15 pm CEST 10 Min

The SAP Business Network Vision

  • The networked economy requires a network or platform to connect collaborators quickly and efficiently.
  • Learn how SAP Business Network can help your business
  • See how the existing pieces are meant to be fit together

Valerie Blatt – Global Head, SAP Business Network

3:25 pm CEST 30 Min

Fireside Chat with a SAP Business Network Customer

  • Insights on what your organization can expect

Gregory P. Mekjian - Global VP & General Manager, SAP Business Network

Marc Buttgenbach – Chief Commercial Officer / Van Genechten

3:55 pm CEST 30 Min

SAP Business Network – Solution Overview

  • Gain an overview of what the SAP Business Network is and how it fits into your solution landscape.
  • Value outcomes that can be achieved from SAP Business Network
  • Understand the key processes supported across procurement, supply chain, logistics and asset management

Tony Harris – Head of Marketing & Solutions, SAP Business Network

4:25 pm CEST 5 Min Break & Move to Breakout Rooms
4:30 pm CEST 30 Min

Room  1:   Ensure Accurate Supply Planning and Reliable Fulfilment with Forecast and Logistics Collaboration

Learn how customers have reduced their DSO, cut their FTE costs, and improved their assurance of supply through a Network-based approach that includies all stakeholders in a bi-directional planning process, using collaborative Ordering and Invoicing, and transparent logistics coordination with real-time visibility.

Corey Hughes

4:30 pm CEST 30 Min

Room  2: Optimize Inventory Efficiency using Consignment and Supplier Managed Inventory

Discover how companies are embracing and expanding their usage of Consignment Orders and Supplier-managed Inventory to enhance Supply Chain Resiliency leading to reduced loss of revenue due to stock outs, improved cash flow and inventory turns, and greater process efficiency with fewer transactions/touch points and greater control and visibility.

Matt Tichelaar – Inventory Efficiency, SAP Business Network Executive

4:30 pm CEST 30 Min

Room  3: Drive Increased External Manufacturing Success using Networked Multi-tier PO Collaboration and Visibility

Explore different ways to leverage the power of Networks to optimize the collaboration with Suppliers and Contract Manufacturers and avoid Supply Chain Disruption due to poor visibility, supplier defects, excess/inadequate inventory, or capacity constraints.

Parry Gandhi – External Manufacturing, Director, SAP Business Network

4:30 pm CEST 30 Min

Room  4: Driving Procurement efficiency through Digitization

Learn how the SAP Business Network will enable your business to engage with your suppliers digitally.  See how the buyer and their trading partners will have complete visibility of the transaction from source to settlement, providing both parties a secure, transparent and efficient process.

Tom Santacroce, VP SAP Business Networks

Matt Tichelaar
Inventory Efficiency, SAP Business Network Executive


Parry Gandhi
External Manufacturing, Director, SAP Business Network
Tony Harris
Head of Marketing & Solutions, SAP Business Network
Tom Santacroce
Vice President, SAP Business Networks
Valerie Blatt
Global Head, SAP Business Network
Corey Hughes
Network Executive, SAP Business Network
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