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Welcome to the latest on SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 and SAP Analytics

Why Attend?


The SAP BusinessObjects BI Virtual Tour offers a full on-demand learning experience designed around the challenges of today’s unique reality.



The SAP BusinessObjects BI Virtual Tour is designed to let you to educate at your own pace as you navigate the current business environment, prepare for what’s next, and innovate for the future.


Through the On-Demand sessions and short demo videos, we discuss the latest in SAP Analytics strategy, introduce our newest version of SAP BusinessObjects BI, and explore the capabilities offered when you use SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 in conjunction with SAP Analytics Cloud.



Get hands-on Experience with SAP Analytics Cloud. Register for the virtual, self-paced SAP Analytics Cloud workshop. All event attendees are welcome to participate.


Join the event Community and get involved. Ask questions in the forums and get answers from the Analytics experts at SAP. Get access to additional information on SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3


Welcome to the SAP BusinessObjects BI Virtual Tour

A quick overview of the program

Iver van de Zand, head of SAP Augmented BI Solution Management, welcomes you and provides a short program overview.

Hear from the Experts


Learn more from the leaders, product managers and industry experts at the SAP BusinessObjects BI Virtual World Tour. Hear from their first hand knowledge and experience with these solutions. View these presentations and see how they might lead to compelling ideas to help you achieve better outcomes for your business.

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Iver van de Zand
Vice President, SAP Augmented BI Solution Management
Eric Fenollosa
Head of Product Management, SAP Augmented BI
Grégory Botticchio
Director, SAP Augmented BI Product Management
Maheshwar Singh
Director, SAP Augmented BI Product Management
Blair Wheadon
Senior Director, SAP Analytics Global Center of Excellence
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