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At SAP, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs and partnerships create long-term sustainable impact, particularly through our global pro bono consulting work. How do we know these programs deliver lasting social impact and business value? Through intentional measurement.


Join us on Thursday October 27 at 10am ET for a conversation with:

  • Max Herrmann, Social Impact Measurement Lead - SAP CSR Team (host)
  • Sasha Dichter, Co-Founder and CEO - 60 Decibels, an impact measurement social enterprise
  • Diane Bolme, Senior Manager of Impact and Learning - PYXERA Global


They will discuss the ripples of impact that employees can create through experiential pro bono consulting programs like the SAP Social Sabbatical and Acceleration Collective. The proof is in the numbers!


During the session these experts will talk more about how SAP CSR measures impact, why companies should accelerate the work of social enterprises, and the business case for pro bono.


Thank you for your interest in this virtual event!

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