SAP Customer Experience LIVE: Unplugged
SAP Customer Experience LIVE: Unplugged

EMEA, Oct. 26, 12:00 p.m.–2:15 p.m. BST

Americas, Oct. 27, 12:00 p.m.–2:15 p.m. PDT
Transform, Engage,
and Grow Together



The drive for better CX never stops. The rate of change is fast, with new opportunities and challenges arising daily. Focusing on solutions that actually drive results can transform your organization. But how do you separate the genuine insights from the irrelevant noise? By unplugging. 


Join us for an experience that puts you at the heart of this conversation. During our studio broadcast, you'll hear from SAP leadership, industry analysts, and regional customers sharing their success stories. In our Discussion Rooms, you'll be invited to connect with thought leaders and top CX innovators on topics that matter to you. 


Mark your calendar. Register today. Start the growth.


Transform at Speed

Customers return to businesses they trust – brands that adapt to accommodate their needs and exceed expectations. Equip yourself with the strategies and tools to move quickly and always deliver. Dive into a variety of topics, like connecting the in-store and digital experience, or leveraging first-party data, to boost your ability to transform at speed.

Engage with Insight

Data is an effective tool when a CX practitioner knows how to wield it. The value lies in using actionable insights from your data to get closer to your customers. Knowing exactly when and how to reach them with personalized engagements will build loyalty and fuel your organization's success. Enhance your understanding of data and its uses, from compliance and consent to machine learning, to help you engage with insight.

Grow Sustainably

Incorporate sustainability into your business model today to prepare for tomorrow. Form a perfect-fit solution for your business that cuts complexity, scales real-time responsiveness across channels, and is sustainability-led in every sense. Shape your organization's vision through topics like customer service ROI beyond cost reduction and driving customer loyalty and retention in 2022 to grow sustainably.  

LIVE Studio Show Speakers

Download the complete list of speakers here.


Sameer Patel
Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer
SAP Customer Experience
Geert Leeman
Chief Revenue & Operating Officer
SAP Customer Experience
Kerstin Köder
Head of Marketing
Sara Richter
Chief Marketing Officer
Martin Newman
The Consumer Champion
Founder of Customer Service
Action and The Customer
First Group
Pia Heidenmark Cook
Senior Advisor
IKEA/Ingka Group and non-executive director
Jaimy Szymanski
Technology Industry Analyst
Kaleido Insights

LIVE Studio Agenda

Download a PDF of the EMEA schedule

Download a PDF of the Americas schedule

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