SAP Customer Experience LIVE 2019
SAP Customer Experience LIVE


Event Highlights from Orlando, Florida

SAP Customer Experience LIVE


Keynote replays from Orlando, Florida

Leading in the Experience Economy by Delivering Five-Star Experiences
Alex Atzberger
SAP Customer Experience
Paula Hansen
Chief Revenue Officer
SAP Customer Experience
Bill McDermott
Chief Executive Officer
Tami Erwin
Executive VP & Group CEO
Verizon Business
Simon Fuller
Founder and CEO
XIX Entertainment
Julia Mehra
Head of Innovation Strategy & Digital Partnerships
Levi Strauss and Co.
Tommy Caldwell
Professional Rock Climber
and Author
Sarika Khanna
SVP of Product & Support
SAP Litmos
Ryan Smith
Co-Founder & CEO
Rodolpho Cardenuto
Senior Vice President
Magic Leap
Moritz Zimmermann
SAP Customer Experience
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