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1. Introduction. 

SAP Global Marketing Inc. (“SAP”) organizes the SAP Customer Experience LIVE event you register for (the “Conference”). Unless you expressly agree otherwise (in particular as described in section 4. below) or if required by law, SAP will use any personal data you provide during the registration process, during the conference, or otherwise in connection with the Conference solely for the purposes set out in section 2. below. This SAP Customer Experience LIVE Privacy Policy covers the data you provided in connection with the Conference; if you provide data to SAP in another context, e.g. in connection with the purchase of a SAP product or services, the data you provided in such other context may be covered by a separate privacy policy.

2. Use of your data obtained in connection with the Conference.

a. Registration data.

In connection with your registration, you have to provide basic registration and conference information to us, namely your contact information (name, address, company, e-mail and telephone number), job title and function, your relation to SAP or SAP affiliated companies (the “SAP Group”) such as being a partner, customer, etc., your industry sector, registration time/date, and payment details for the payment of the registration fee. You may further provide to us information on your social media accounts, emergency contact information, visa requirements and Event participation related information (such as speaker engagement, sponsorship, or particular sessions and workshops you register for), information on your hotel booking (including making use of preferred rates at partnering hotels), your transportation and logistical requirements, and any particular interests and other information with respect to the Conference you provide to us in connection with the registration (together with the data listed in the previous sentence, the “Registration Data”).


The SAP Group includes various SAP named affiliated companies around the world as well as various SAP affiliates with more distinctive non-SAP brand names including Ariba, Concur, Hybris, SuccessFactors, and Sybase, a list of all SAP affiliates can be found here.


SAP will use your Registration Data to manage your registration, to conduct the conference (including communication with you before and during the Conference), Conference follow up (including an offer to participate in an attendee satisfaction survey) and fulfillment of any requests of you to SAP in connection with the Conference.


SAP may include your Registration Data, your choices with respect to marketing communications (see section 4 below), and further information you provide to SAP in connection with the Conference in their customer relationship management systems (“CRM”) and combine it with existing CRM data relating to you, including your participation at prior events.


SAP may use the SAP Group or third party vendors for the provision of services in connection with the Conference and/or the fulfillment of obligations towards you or your inquiries. Such third parties may process your Registration Data on behalf of SAP; they include payment and data/website hosting providers. Any use of service providers outside the European Economic Area will be subject to ensuring an adequate level of data protection, for example by means of entering into EU Model Clauses with the provider; you may request a copy of the EU Model Clauses SAP entered into (see contacts in section 6. below).


Further, we may forward your contact details to the hotel booking provider if you chose to use its services and benefit from our preferred Conference rates in certain selected hotels. SAP are not responsible for this service, and you will have a direct relation with the hotel booking provider if you chose to use its services.


b. Survey data. Conference information.

If you participate in a survey, SAP will use this information only for purposes of the survey, including improving our products, services and events on basis of the survey results.


c. Special Categories of Personal Data.

If you provide special categories of data to us which enjoy particular protection under applicable laws (“Special Categories of Personal Data”) such as data relating to your health, this data will only be used for the purposes you provide the data for. You may for example chose to provide information on your diet requirements or any disabilities you have to us in order to enable us to reflect the information in connection with your attendance at the conference (provision of respective meals, enabling you access to the conference etc.). These data will be treated as Special Categories of Personal Data and not be used for any purposes other than those you provided them for.


d. Badge Scanning/Tracking.

i) SAP Badge Scanning.

To improve your experience at the Conference, SAP may scan your badge at SAP breakout sessions and SAP demonstration locations. Scanned information will be used anonymized by SAP to measure and improve the overall Event setup as well as to comply with safety regulations like maximum room capacities in real-time. Being scanned is voluntary and if you do not wish to participate, you can request that your badge not be scanned. This is at your sole discretion. By allowing your badge to be scanned by SAP at the Event, you are agreeing that your information can be used by SAP for the purposes as laid out above in this section 2d(i). You may change your consent for these limited purposes at any time by contacting


ii) Third Party Badge Scanning.

If you allow third parties to scan your conference badge, your respective activity may be tracked, and third parties may use your contact information included in the badge to contact you as further set out in section 3. takes place. You do not have to use the badge for these purposes and allow others to scan it, this is your sole discretion.


iii) SAP Blue Tooth Tracking - Bluetooth® Beacons.

To further improve your experience Conference badges may also be equipped with small Bluetooth® transmitters (“beacons”). The beacon stores a unique id, which can be used by SAP to track your visit at the event. The tracking information will be used to provide you with a summary of your event journey, with machine learning-based agenda recommendations, and allowing you to interact with showcases, e.g. by proximity and your preferred communication language. Beacon technology may also be used to automate and replace former manual scanning processes like session entrance scans to reduce waiting times and interruptions, and to record your enquiries at SAP owned booths. For the latter, SAP will make use of your Bluetooth® signal to retrieve your contact data provided at registration without the need of additionally scanning your QR-code. Tracking information will be used anonymized to measure and improve the overall event setup as well as to comply with safety regulations like maximum room capacities in real-time. SAP will only track within public areas of the If you do not want to be tracked, you’re entitled to remove and dispose the beacon from your badge at any time at the Conference. By allowing yourself to be tracked at the Conference, you are agreeing that your information can be used by SAP for the purposes as laid out above in this section 2d(iii).


3. No unauthorized data sharing with third parties. Conference badges.

SAP will not provide your information for marketing purposes to any third parties without your authorization. In this context please note that the contact information submitted in your registration (name, title, company, address, phone, and e-mail) will be available via a QR code. Most exhibitors at the Conference will have badge-scanning devices as part of their displays and promotional activities. In addition, many smart phones are equipped with code scanners. It is at your discretion to agree to provide your badge to any exhibitor for scanning, which will allow the exhibitor or other attendee to collect your information and use it for future marketing purposes. SAP have no control, responsibility, or liability associated with any exhibitor's collection or use of your information. If you do not want such collection and use, do not provide or allow your badge to be scanned.


4. Marketing Consent Statements.

i) SAP Marketing Purposes.

In order to be contacted about SAP related products or services and further use of your data for marketing purposes beyond the Conference.


If you opt in to be contacted (in line with your consent) by SAP about SAP Group product or services and other marketing events or activities, SAP may use your Registration Data, as well as (to the extent available in the SAP CRM or otherwise) an interaction profile based on your prior interactions with SAP including your participation at prior events, in order to keep you up to date on the latest SAP product announcements including software products and services, system enhancements, special offers, and other information regarding the SAP Group’s organizations (including marketing-related newsletters) as well as other marketing events and activities. SAP may contact you by e-mail, phone or by using any other communication address you have provided. In connection with the marketing-related activities, SAP may provide a hashed user ID to third party operated social networks or other web offerings (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Google) where this information is then matched against the social networks’ data or web offerings’ own bases in order to display to you more relevant information.


ii) SAP Group Marketing Purposes.

In order for SAP to share your information with its affiliates in the SAP Group so that they may send you marketing-related communications. If you consent to it, SAP may share your personal data contained in the SAP CRM with its affiliated companies in the SAP Group and they may use the data for the same marketing purposes related to SAP Group product and services and under the same conditions as SAP.


You may withdraw your consent with respect to either or both of the above cases under this section 4 at any time. Please direct any such request to


5. Conference Recording.

SAP will record the Conference including general and specialized sessions for broadcast to participants not attending the Conference live, and for internal and external communications purposes about the Conference (“Legitimate Recording”). You acknowledge that as a result of attending the Conference we may record your image, photograph, and voice by any technology or means indiscriminately as part of the Conference recording where you are a non-material part of the aforementioned recording in accordance with and as allowed under applicable law. During panel or other discussion sessions where you volunteer to speak, you acknowledge that SAP may broadcast, film or photograph you individually and if you do not wish to be broadcasted, filmed or photographed in this way please refrain from volunteering.


You may object to SAP using Legitimate Recordings at any time by contacting


6. Further information and contact.

For further information on SAP's general handling of personal data, e.g. when you visit SAP websites, please visit For any questions regarding data protection and SAP, please contact

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