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Accelerating Outcomes

September 14, 2021 
10:00 AM EST

Turn Data into Value with

Unified Data and Analytics
Data powers the way we think and how we act. It’s time to step up and champion data-driven decision making at all levels across the organization.  
Featured Speakers
Ramon Ray
Host of SAP Data and Analytics Virtual Forum
Ragunath Ramanathan
Chief Revenue Officer of Platform & Technology Group, SAP
Haridas Nair
Global Head of Cross Product Management for SAP HANA Database & Analytics, SAP
Tina Rosario
Chief Data Officer for Europe, SAP
Matthew Zenus
Global Vice President, Database, Product & Solution Management, SAP
Jeremy D. Rader
General Manager of Enterprise Strategy & Solutions for Data Platforms Group, Intel

Start Now by Unifying

Your Data and Analytics
Without a unified data and analytics strategy, organizations are overwhelmed with data sources and solutions. To succeed, users need to be empowered with self-service applications, collaborate across lines of business, and provide actionable insights. Without the right toolbox, it’s frustrating and time consuming to implement a successful modernized data and analytics portfolio. 
Register for the SAP Data and Analytics Virtual Forum: Accelerating Outcomes to unlock real value in your data through an interconnected data and analytics solution strategy. Discover your organization’s data purpose and accelerate data-to-value to become an intelligent enterprise.  

Webinar | September 16, 2021

SAP Data Intelligence: Integrate, Catalog, and Manage Your Data


As part of your data and analytics strategy, you need to discover, understand, and classify all your data. You need to leverage existing processing engines across cloud and on-premise deployments, reusing existing assets while moving other assets to the cloud.


In the session you will learn the role of SAP Data Intelligence within SAP’s Unified Data and Analytics portfolio. You will discover how to turn data sprawl and tool sprawl into vital insights.  You will leave understanding how SAP Data Intelligence enables you to process and integrate distributed data.   You will see how SAP Data Intelligence catalogs distributed metadata, enabling a searchable data fabric.  Finally, you will acquire knowledge on how you can streamline, operationalize, and govern machine learning innovations.   

Workshop | September 21-23, 2021

Getting Business Insights from Your Data with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud


Uncovering relevant insights from disjointed data can feel impossible, especially without the right tools. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud helps you and your organization get business insights from your data – no matter where your data lives. Connect data with business context and empower users to unlock insights with this unified data and analytics cloud solution. 


In this workshop series, you will learn about the many ways in which SAP Data Warehouse Cloud can help you create business data models, including data modeling with the Business Builder, working with SAP S/4HANA data in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, and using business content from the Content Network.



Workshop | September 28-30, 2021

Collaborative Database Development in SAP HANA Cloud, SAP HANA Database


The world of data is changing fast, with more data volume and sources than ever before, and pressure on organizations to embrace the cloud while still delivering intelligent insights to decision makers. You need a solution with the flexibility of the cloud and the performance of on-premise solutions.


In this workshop, learn how to manage the lifecycle of your development projects in SAP HANA Cloud and SAP Business Application Studio (schema evolution). You’ll get to know different HDI concepts, when to use which types of HDI database object, and how to create CAP applications and automate their deployment with CI/CD. To kick-start collaborative development, you’ll learn how to create template projects that help set up service connections, synonyms and as views, which can be adjusted by technical users and shared with project team members to give them a head-start.


Get ready to explore: 

  • Lifecycle management of development projects

  • HDI containers and table types 

  • Cloud Application Programming (CAP) applications

  • Automating project deployment with Continuous Integration & Delivery (CI/CD)

  • Project templates for team members 

  • Github

  • Roles, synonyms, .hdbgrants files, services, calculation views


Workshop | October 5-7, 2021

SAP Analytics Cloud Workshop: Interactive Reporting with Enterprise Analytics and Planning in SAP Analytics Cloud


Drawing insights from your data can be tricky when there are multiple data sources and multiple teams requesting reports with key information. You need a centralized dashboard that can anticipate the changes in your industry and respond to the needs of your business with flexibility. 


Join this workshop series to learn how to easily use multiple types of data and create dashboards quickly. This workshop is suitable for BI analysts and planners, and information workers/business users who are curious about exploring what goes into preparing dashboards and understanding the hidden patterns and relationships within their data, without any data science knowledge or experience needed.


You will learn how to:

  • Create custom reports highlighting KPIs with design best practices

  • Get quick answers from your dataset using augmented analytics

  • Understand key influencers in your dataset with machine learning support

  • Add forecasts to analyze statistical trends

  • Run simulations to visualize outputs for strategic planning
  • Build a dashboard with multiple line-of-business datasets

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