SAP Document Compliance
Virtual Summit 2020

June 23-24
| 14:00 - 17:00 CEST

Connecting Customers, Partners and SAP Experts to stay compliant with changing local and global regulations

What is being compliant?


Being compliant is being on top of your game. When you know the best practices, when you're aware of all the changes and updates, you are on top of your game. That's our purpose.
In this two-day event we want to give you insights into our SAP Document Compliance Platform and how it will help you run your business better by allowing you to stay up-to-date with all the latest legal changes and upgrades.
Join us to experience a combination of information, best practices, network with experts, and fun.
Agenda Highlights
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Peter A. Selfridge
Global Head of Government Affairs for SAP

The Government Affairs team SAP encourages the digital transformation of government decision-making and services worldwide.  Pete promotes technological transformation in the public sector and the positive role played by digital technologies in addressing economic and societal challenges around the world. 

Stefan Steinle
Senior Vice President and Head of SAP Globalization Services

Based in SAP’s headquarter in Walldorf, Germany, he is responsible for the global reach of SAP’s products, which includes language experience, legal compliance, and functional localization. Stefan’s prime target is to ensure SAP’s customers can leverage SAP software to extend and grow their business globally in all geographies across the world. 

Michael Depner
Vice President and Head of Globalization Product Management in SAP, located in Germany

He began his career at SAP as a developer and later headed various international teams, being responsible for adapting SAP solutions to different locations and markets. In particular, Michael overlooked SAP development locations in Germany, India and Brazil, managing organizational growth while ensuring constant high quality of development output. In parallel, he introduced company wide processes to ensure SAP developments follow a so-called Globalization Standard. With this, SAP customers can benefit from SAP solutions globally.Michael has over twenty-five years of professional experience, having worked and lived in Brazil, France, Germany, India, Italy and US. He graduated in Physics and holds a PhD degree on computer simulations of solid states in Mainz, Germany.

Ravi Natarajan
as part of SAP Globalization Services, heads the Engineering Unit that is responsible for SAP Document Compliance product development, world wide.

Ravi’s passion is to engineer and build SAP Document Compliance products that help customers comply with mandates while at the same time  making them easily deployable on a global scale.

Ravi believes in continuous customer feedback and customer co-innovation in order to deliver outstanding value to our customers.


Divya Mohan
Project manager and the communication lead for the localization toolkit for SAP S/4HANA Cloud

The array of topics in her career are all centered around customer success. She is delighted to join the event as a moderator and will navigate you through the virtual summit.


Martin Lin
Product Management

He is part of the product management team based in St. Leon Rot, Germany and supports requests for the Document Compliance solution worldwide.

He works with customers on the commercial value proposition and supports the account teams with sales strategy and licensing questions. He joined Globalization Services in December 2017 and was previously with SAP Ariba.

Prior to SAP, Martin worked independently in venture capital consulting partnering with a number of Fortune 500 companies.

Martin will be one of the opening speakers for the Virtual Summit.


Olivia Vorstheim
Product Management

Olivia leads Product Management for Document Compliance within SAP. During the Virtual Summit, she will share the product vision and next steps to support SAP customers in their journey to meet digital compliance regulations with a truly global, consistent solution in a reliable and cost-effective way.


Francois Vigneron
Product Management

Francois is part of the product management team of SAP Document Compliance. As such he is involved in topics such as Peppol, XRechnung, e-mail delivery (aka ZUGFeRD), partner management and innovation. During the summit he’ll introduce a few customer sessions.


Aldo Magenes
Order to Cash Processes Lead
Sun Chemical

His key interests are in simplification, automation and process control. During the summit he’ll share Sun Chemical experience in Digital Document Compliance and the challenge MENs are facing dealing with tax issues arising from the digitalization of the economy.

Colin Blöcher
SAP Consultant at Loh Services

Colin Blöcher is a SAP Consultant at Loh Services in Haiger, Germany. His main focus is integrating a global group of companies into a global standard of electronic invoicing and electronic document exchange. As such, he was a pilot of SAP Document Compliance, invoicing option for Peppol and is keen on sharing Loh Services’ experience with the Peppol network and the SAP solution for invoicing over Peppol


Sridhar Sundaram
leads customer and partner success at SAP Globalization Services Product management

His key interests are in driving innovations customer and partners while leveraging emerging technology trends. During the summit he’ll share how Document Compliance can help drive SAP customers’ journey with Global Tax Management.

Atsuko Eguchi
leads holistic tax management at SAP Globalization Services Product management.

She focuses on helping customers in their digital transformation of transactional tax management and driving innovations for tax management solutions. During the summit she’ll share what is new in the Global Tax Management portfolio.

Vitor Eduardo Seifert Bazzo
Product Owner for Document Compliance at SAP Globalization Services.

His key interests are in covering legal requirements and striving for customer satisfaction. During the summit he’ll share the recent Document Compliance innovations and upcoming improvements.

George Aspiotis
is a SAP Presales and Business Development professional for SAP S/4HANA & SAP Financials.

George has a demonstrated history of working experience in information technology sector and a vast presales experience in various information technology projects in Utilities, O&G, Public Sector and Banking industries. He is skilled in Presales, Business Development, Bid Management in large scale projects, Account Strategy and Business Planning. As a customer facing professional he operates as Business Advisor and designs and supports the Business Transformation journey of many customers from various industries. During the summit he’ll share details about the Greek regulation for the tax registered books.


Prateek Tripathi
drives Document Compliance portfolio for SAP Globalization.

He is leading high-performance teams in the area of SAP Cloud Application development and Electronic Invoicing. During the summit, he’ll share insights about SAP Document Compliance for Greece.

Cláudia Wada
Product Manager

Cláudia Wada is the product manager for electronic invoicing solutions at SAP Globalization  Services Product Management, being responsible to maintain the products compliance with local regulations and business needs in Brazil. During the summit she’ll present about Document Compliance solution for Brazil.

Ulisses Anderle
Development Lead

Ulisses is a development lead for electronic invoicing for Brazil and Argentina at SAP Globalization Services product unit Logistics. During the summit he’ll present Document Compliance solutions for Brazil like DC for NFe and DC for NFe Inbound Automation cloud options.


Karthiheyini Subbiah
Specialist in India GST solutions of eInvoice, eWay Bill and GST reporting.

Her expertise in understanding the legal requirements , legal changes for different industries from the government notifications and  through customer interactions . She would be sharing how technology addresses the legal change using SAP Document Compliance for India eInvoice.

Arun Nikam
Development Senior Manager & Area Product owner

His expertise are in the area of indirect taxes, experience in building high performing teams, development & localization of various SAP products in the area of Logistics, SRM, ByD, Industry solutions, Digital Compliance for India – GST, eInvoice and eWay Bill Solution.

Paula Ortín
is a SAP consultant in Sothis with experience in Globalization services and Financial processes.

She has participated in several projects throughout Europe, America, Asia and Oceania and has successfully implemented eDocument solutions for Spain, Italy, Uruguay and Turkey. She’s currently implementing Greece’s eBooks. During the summit she’ll share how SAP Document Compliance  can help drive SAP customers’ journey with eDocument and ACR solutions.

Dr. Andreas Lindenblatt
Product Manager

Dr. Andreas Lindenblatt is one of the product managers for Advanced compliance reporting and a Design Thinking Coach. He is dedicated to listening to SAP’s customers and translate their needs into end user friendly software. During the summit he will focus on SAP’s reporting solution from a holistic perspective


Looking forward to seeing you there!    

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